Pick of the week: A Moonpig star is born

Here's proof that pigs can fly – in a brand-building sense.

Moonpig has been around for 20 years but, until this ad launched last week, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that there might be an actual animal lurking behind this online brand despite its incongruous astro-porcine nomenclature. 

This campaign is great because it puts a cute face to the name in an otherwise anonymous and transactional corner of ecommerce – online gift cards – that need strong branding as much as insurance or price comparison companies (which have themselves become a cottage industry of memorable mascots). 

Before the 30-second spot ended, this little piggy snuck behind my emotional defences and I found myself actually looking for a reason to send someone a card. What is it about animals being the ones that so often make us feel more human?

Brand Moonpig
Title “It must be a Moonpig”
Agency Creature London
Director and production company Ben Reed through Agile