Pick of the Week: O2 knows how to rally the troops

O2's film for the Rugby World Cup is beautifully crafted and sure to rally England fans behind the team.

O2’s ad for the 2015 Rugby World Cup was big on production and high on bombast
. It therefore seemed a little inevitable that England would ignominiously make World Cup history by becoming the first host nation to be knocked out in the group stages. This just showed that O2’s ambition was, on this occasion, sadly bigger than that of the team.

But that was then and this is now. For this tournament, O2 has drawn on Japanese culture while deftly avoiding clumsy cultural appropriation. VCCP has produced another film that, while also high on production values and craft, gives England supporters something epic to rally around.

Come on England!

Brand O2
Title Be their armour
Agency VCCP
Creatives James Rafter and Myles Vincent
Director Sam Brown
Production company Rogue Films