Pick of the Week: Renault steals the show in a season of festive sentiment

Renault's nuanced love story spans three decades.

Renault’s beautifully crafted film tells a modern love story between an English and a French girl spanning three decades. It’s a bold and unexpected choice in the car market and one that has divided opinion online – because "woke" brands often tread a fine line between diversity and tokenism.

While this ad would have certainly been stronger with fewer car shots, the nuanced relationship it portrays sends a powerful message by embracing love in all its forms. As the writer Sophie Brown said in The Huffington Post: "Seeing people like you on TV – even just for two minutes – is enough to let you know that you’re not alone." 

When so many brands are trying to tug at the heartstrings during this festive season, it’s a non-Christmas ad that has stirred the most sentiment. Now let’s hope Renault backs up its campaign with concrete support of the LGBT+ community. 

Title "The French exchange"
Client Adam Wood, UK marketing director
Agency Publicis.Poke
Creatives Dave Monk, Colin Byrne, Rob Butcher and Tom Genower
Director Frederic Planchon
Production company Academy