Pick of the Week: Rustlers ads turn out to be better than you think

Isn't it great when we can solve our problems through dance instead?

“Isn’t it great when things turn out better than expected?” the voiceover in the new Rustlers campaign says. While I wish that was referring to 2020, it is actually an optimistic message about two scenarios that subvert viewers’ expectations. In one ad, a high-school brawl turns into a “dance fight”, and in the second (my favourite), the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood ends up forming a close bond with the red-cloaked protagonist – despite having recently eaten her grandmother. 

The stories are another piece of comic gold from Droga5 London and director Jeff Low, and I’d love to see what other surprisingly absurd situations they come up with. Who knows whether Rustlers’ promise is true of its microwaveable burgers, but in its advertising, it feels as if the brand has found its silly stride. 

Client Elaine Rothballer, marketing controller
Agency Droga5 London
Creatives Ed Redgrave, Dave Wigglesworth, Philippa Baines, Melina Filippidou, Ash Hamilton and Sara Sutherland
Director Jeff Low
Production company Biscuit Filmworks