Pick of the Week: Rustlers entertains with absurd arthouse film

The emotional family drama tells the story of The Hamburger and his son.

When I first heard Rustlers and Droga5 London were making a full-length German arthouse film about the hamburger’s origin story, I thought someone might be punking me. But no, this is real. The Seas Between Us, available on Amazon Prime Video, is about a German immigrant called The Hamburger who, in his last days of life, reflects on his path to fame, dual identity and fatherhood.

Droga5 went all in to deliver on its absurd idea: it was shot in German, which no-one on the agency team spoke; it has an original jazz score; The Hamburger and his estranged son wear burger bun hats and collars; and it stars renowned character actor Paul Faßnacht, best known for The Lives of Others.

After watching all 72 minutes of it, I can say I’ve never seen anything quite like it. But even if you don’t make it through, you can appreciate the joke and the singular creative minds who made it.

Agency Droga5 London
Creatives Frazer Price and Teddy Souter
Director Katharina Behrens
Production company Lief