Pick of the Week: Samsung finds love in the most unusual of places

Mother's debut work for Samsung is inspired by a sack of onions.

When everyone has access to a smartphone and an Instagram filter, mobile photography and the campaigns promoting it can often feel stale. Samsung’s new ad – Mother’s debut work for the brand after winning the business this year – takes a leap by using real photos as the starting point for unusual creations. 

The first ad tells a love story based on an unlikely source of inspiration: a photo of brown onions. A young man and woman working at rival onion cafes pine after each other from afar. The film is full of charming touches and humorous details, such as the cafe owner biting into a raw onion, the protagonist wearing goggles and staring out of the window while crying – are those tears from heartache or just more onion chopping? I was rooting for the star-crossed lovers to find each other by the end.

Well done to the team behind this – I’m looking forward to seeing where the campaign goes from here.

Client Alex Conaway, head of brand for mobile, tablets and wearables, Samsung Electronics UK
Agency Mother London
Director Sam Hibbard
Production company Somesuch