Pick of the Week: Setapp warns of the dangers and absurdities of distraction

Three comic ads by Droga5 follow the consequences of distraction to outrageous conclusions.

No-one is immune to the bug of distraction in this “always-on environment”, as marketers like to call it. You decide to respond to that text or do a quick scroll of Instagram because it’s been at least 10 minutes, and then you forget what you were ever doing in the first place. 

But at least you’re not a magician who has just made a man vanish into thin air, a dad in the middle of a game of hide and seek with his son, or a hypnotist who has convinced a man he is a snake. Then the consequences of failing to finish a task could really be dire, as Setapp’s absurd campaign shows us. In three comic films, the brand follows these scenarios to their most outlandish conclusions: the hypnotised man lives forevermore in a serpent-like state, the boy grows into an old man while staying in his hiding place, and the wife of the man who disappeared spends the rest of her days combing the earth for him.  

Even if it’s been a while since you dusted off your magic tricks, there is a hilariously recognisable truth in each of these ads. With great craft and comedy, this is another gem of a campaign from Droga5 London.

Client Oleksandr Kosovan, chief executive and founder
Agency Droga5 London
Creatives Ed Redgrave, Dave Wigglesworth, Nick Lindo, Sebastien Thomas
Director Jeff Low
Production company Biscuit Filmworks