Pick of the Week: Tesco's act of generosity is an endearing bit of opportunism

Press campaign on 12 April called on people to visit their local.

Pick of the Week: Tesco's act of generosity is an endearing bit of opportunism

The impact of the Covid pandemic on the UK's beloved pubs is one of the ways in which it will take a long time for us to fully perceive the damage caused by the crisis. Many have already shut for good; many others may struggle to survive even as customers gradually return due to changes in working patterns and other factors. 

So anything offering a leg up to the industry is to be welcomed, including this warm-hearted message from Tesco calling on the public to patronise their local at the first opportunity. Like all supermarkets, Tesco enjoyed a huge sales boost last year and certainly fared better than business in most other sectors – though it's worth noting that a huge imcrease in costs meant its profits still fell.

This ad is a smart move from the retailer: great for the brand's image, while unlikely to result in any lost sales, since most people dying to visit the pub can't get a booking anyway. It also does exactly what it claims not to with the line "for once, instead of telling you about our fantastic deals..." – but I suspect they will be forgiven for this.

Brand Tesco
Title Pop to your local if you can
Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Creatives Daniel Seager and Richard Biggs

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