Pick of the Week: Three paints an optimistic vision of the future

In Three's ad, the future of British life doesn't seem so bleak.

Three’s 2018 campaign "Phones are good" – an absurd trip through history to show how smartphones have improved society – was a tough act to follow. The sequel, "Real 5G", takes on the best elements from its predecessor – the humour, fun, craft and obsessive attention to detail – for a joyous and entertaining romp through a 5G-powered future.

In Three’s optimistic vision, England finally win a second World Cup, dating app users can swipe through matches in 3D and hologram pop stars appear in your living room.

With cameos from the likes of singer Lewis Capaldi and nods to cultural sensations such as Greggs’ vegan sausage roll, the ad is a loving ode to British life, lulling you into the belief that the future may not be as bleak as it seems.  

Brand Three
Real 5G
Client Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer
Agency Wieden & Kennedy London
Creatives Adam Newby, Will Wells
Director Ian Pons Jewell
Production company Academy