Pick of the Week: TikTok is a breath of fresh air in a stale social media landscape

I'm talkin' pedicure on our toes (toes), tryin' on all our clothes (clothes), boys blowin' up our phones (phones)... and more.

Even leaving aside the data issues, fake news, hidden ads, hate speech, promotion of harmful body image, general feelings of inadequacy, Cambridge Analytica, Piers Morgan and your mum’s friend’s painfully basic "10 most influential albums" (complete with lack of explanation), the reality of social media is that it often just isn’t much fun. 

Like many people, I plough inordinate amounts of time into Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and – although all these platforms have found new utility during the pandemic – I don’t feel like I get much back, materially or emotionally.

With the proviso that I only installed the app this week, TikTok is a totally different proposition: its vast array of short video content, delivered to the user in an algorithmically generated sequence, tickles almost every part of the brain.

The platform’s home turf is humour and having fun, and thanks to its largely young audience TikTok abounds with videos reminiscent of the 2009 Kesha song of the same name. 

But the format also works well for informative content and even for more challenging genres, like horror. Don’t watch the video below on an empty stomach.


this is my greatest fear. ##quarantine ##foryou ##fyp ##pov

? ceo of deep moments - ericpoopedthebed

This new ad, TikTok’s first for TV, doesn’t do anything groundbreaking, but what it does very well is capture the essence of the brand and make it irresistible. What else can an advertiser ask for? 

Brand TikTok
Title A little brighter inside
Agency Social.Lab
Creatives Adam King, Lewis Raven
Production company Agile Films
Director Zac Ella