Pick of the Week: WaterWipes documentary gets real about parenting

It's a rare example of a branded documentary that actually works.

WaterWipes is not the first brand to branch out beyond traditional advertising to release a documentary – and it won’t be the last. But it is one of the few to produce something that I actually enjoyed watching. This project can owe much of its success to the fact that WaterWipes and its agency, The Brooklyn Brothers, gave much creative freedom to director Lucy Cohen.

Known for her documentary Kingdom of Us, about a family dealing with a father’s suicide, Cohen ventures into another area shrouded by taboo: parenthood. Instead of the rosy and unrealistic images of perfect families that have plagued decades of marketing aimed at parents, WaterWipes’ film offers an intimate and authentic portrayal of the realities of being a parent. It is proof that babycare advertising might finally be getting more honest.    

Title #ThisIsParenthood
Client Cathy Kidd, vice-president of marketing
Agency The Brooklyn Brothers
Director Lucy Cohen
Production company Pulse Films