In pictures: Bompas & Parr unveils British Museum of Food

Bompas & Parr gave members of the press a sneak preview of its highly anticipated new project, the British Museum of Food (BMOF), in London today (21 October).


Upon entry to the space, which is situated within a building at London’s Borough Market, visitors are met by an immersive digital experience coined Be the Bolus.

The room is completely red, and two massage chairs are situated in its centre. People are invited to sit in one the chairs and don headphones as they experience the journey their food takes through the body, a process known as peristalsis.

As attendees gathered within the room, Sam Bompas, co-founder of Bompas & Parr, said: "This is the first step in creating a British museum for food.

"We aim to give people an educational, inspiring and first and foremost, fun experience. What we really wanted was to get behind the reality of food."

Next up is Choco-phonica, a multi-sensory experience that comprises four separate rooms, each of which combines chocolate and sound in a unique way. 

As people make their way up their stairs to the second level of BMOF, they are met by Atelier of Flavour, a gallery that showcases food focused artworks and photography.

In keeping somewhat with the traditional museum concept, upstairs the space also features The British Menu Archive, which pays homage to food menus of the past, showcasing them in glass cabinets and on the walls. 

The final room has been named The Butterfly Effect, and it is perhaps best described as a mini ecosystem in the heart of Borough Market. The purple coloured greenhouse-like room is complete with various types of foliage, and it has been set at the perfect temperature to showcase ‘the story of the unsung heroes of pollination’ – the butterfly. Butterflies of various colours and shapes can be seen flying around the humid room.

The British Museum of Food opens to the public on Friday (23 October). To find out more about the concept, click here.  

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