In pictures: Theme Traders reveals its 'Party in a Box' experience

Event design company Theme Traders revealed its new Party in a Box concept with an English seaside-themed party last night (16 July).


The event was attended by three people who won a competition run by the company in the lead up to the event, which asked them to answer the question: "What would be in your party box?" via Twitter.

They were each invited to bring two colleagues along with them for the ride. 

A ‘Boxologist’ met each winner at their offices after work at 5.30pm, where they were handed a box filled with visors, sunglasses, fans and sweet treats – the first clue as to the party’s theme.

They were then led on a journey, via the Underground, to the party. Upon arrival at the relevant station, the party-goers were met by a guitarist playing tunes from a cardboard box, as well as another two Boxologists, who piled them onto a mini-bus.

On the bus Boxologist, Susan talked attendees through the Boxology Mantra, which is described as a way of life that is free from troubles.

When guests hopped off the mini-bus they received a pair of flip-flops, and then headed over to a large wooden Box.

After much anticipation, all was finally revealed – the inside of the Box was complete with all of the essentials for an English holiday by the sea. There was sand, seagulls, buckets and spades, fishing nets, buoys, summer-themed music and beverages in bountiful supply.

Guests could snack on sausage rolls ‘stolen’ from Greggs by one of the seaside characters, and a menu comprising fish, chips and peas was served up for dinner.

Theme Traders’ version of crazy golf was on the cards after guests had finished their meal. They were handed inflatable golf clubs, donned silent disco-style headphones and entered a room complete with a mini-golf course, DJ and fluoro spray paint on the walls.

After a spot of golf and a dance, they headed back to the Box, where dessert was served – ice cream in each of the winners’ favourite flavours. In true English seaside fashion, it began to ‘rain’ and guests donned plastic ponchos.

A Latino band complete with bongos and guitars entertained guests in the Box, until they were told to quickly. A siren was heard, and guests were informed that they don’t want to be left in the Box.

Upon depature guests received a bag of lollies printed with the Boxology manifesto, which is described as: "A revolution into free minds and fantastical experiences with a new brand of parties, where the possibilities are endless and perfectly packaged…in a box." 

Theme Traders’ Secret Parties and Party In a Box are both concepts available on a bespoke basis, for corporate parties, consumer led activations or launches, or as a party-within-a-party style experiential installation. 

This is the second secret party Theme Traders has delivered this year. In April its #FreakyThursday event took industry professonals back to their childhood

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