In pictures: Theme Traders transports guests to the jungle in latest #SecretParty

Event production company Theme Traders hosted event profs at a night of jungle-themed madness with Jungle Town Tours at its #SecretParty in London last night (22 October).


Guests were instructed to meet at Willesden Green tube station from 5.30pm, at which point they were handed a copy of ‘Out of Time’ – a publication documenting the latest happenings in the ‘jungle’, aka London.

They were then directed to a Jungle Town Tours jeep, which transported them to the tour company's information centre. It was here that they viewed an induction safety video, which warned of the dangers of the jungle - ‘immersivitus’ was identified as a particularly dangerous condition to watch out for. 

Tour participants then collected the equipment required for their jungle safari – a visor, bumbag and t-shirt, as well as liquids to fuel them for their adventure ahead. Once they were prepared, guests hopped back in a jeep and travelled to their destination.

The jungle comprised a series of areas and resembled a maze. There was a jungle rave silent disco complete with a dancing gorilla, and next-door people could take a seat in what resembled a confession booth and play a game of 'Blinder'.

Those who visited the voodoo tent could opt to have their faces covered in jungle-themed art; meanwhile people suffering from ‘immersivitus’ and other conditions were instructed to visit the medical tent for treatment, where they received jelly shot injections and other beverages designed to cure their illness. 

Guests were served a meal of jungle-themed dishes at a nearby hut, at which point a loud noise was soon heard and participants entererd a dark hallway which eventually led to a tropical bar, where fruity cocktails were on offer and people could take part in a game of limbo.

The atmosphere was relaxed and carefree - until a man in high vis instructed attendees to make their way to 'platform 69'. People were handed clear goggles and face masks, and led into yet another room resembling a ‘commuter mosquito pit’, which was filled with polystyrene balls. Music was heard, fans were placed on full blast, and people danced the night away.

The music stopped and a screen was lifted to reveal a band, who played a handful of songs as attendees ended their night with a dance in the space. 

Theme Traders has been busy this year, having revealed its new Party in a Box experience back in July, and it has teamed up with Shout About London to bring a Breaking Bad experience to the public in December. 

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