Pilsner Urquell hires Mediaedge:cia to raise UK profile

Mediaedge:cia has been picked to handle media planning and buying for Pilsner Urquell as part of efforts by the Czech premium beer brand to raise its profile in the UK.

The agency will work closely with the communications specialist Unity, which was appointed to work on communications planning at the beginning of last year.

Mediaedge:cia will help deliver the brand's strategy of targeting young males in key drinking "hotspots" around London. Communication will embrace traditional media, including posters, cinema and the London Underground.

The appointment comes eight months after Leagas Delaney unveiled the first global campaign for the brand since its owner, SAB Miller, the world's second-largest brewer, announced it was putting £50 million behind a global push.

The advertising exploits Pilsner Urquell's claim to be the world's first "golden beer".

This is based on the beer's development in the Czech town of Pilsen in 1842, marking a break with previous brewing techniques that meant that all beers were dark and cloudy. Today, the brand is sold in 50 markets including Europe and North America.

The Leagas Delaney campaign capitalised on the story in a humorous way by claiming that Pilsner Urquell's invention not only transformed the world, but led to other inventions including the burglar alarm and the fridge, to protect the beer and enhance its enjoyment.

Rob Norman, the Media-edge:cia chairman, said: "We're excited about working with a leading brand in a sector so close to my heart."