Pitch update

The alarm bells should ring if you pick up the Nintendo UK pitch tender. Not only did Leo Burnett, never famed for a princess-like approach to creative integrity, feel compelled to resign the account, but the client is in a desperate hurry. The tender tries to justify the scramble by saying that it will enable the agencies to demonstrate their ability to work under pressure. No thanks.

It must be the hottest pitchlist right now: Sky has lined up Bartle Bogle Hegarty, The Red Brick Road and WCRS to pitch for its £10 million brief. All eyes on TRBR's pitch performance, we haven't seen it compete for anything yet.

Gossip on the Nokia pitch: DDB and Wieden & Kennedy are partnering up for the contest. Meanwhile, Mother's not keen to join forces with anyone, because it thinks it can handle the global demands on its own.

A successful pitch might assuage W&K's regret at having to pull out of the Monster review. The network just won the rival site careerbuilder.com in the US.

WWAV, Iris and Harrison Troughton Wunderman have been lined up to compete against the incumbent, Craik Jones, for the prized Land Rover account. HTW's ties to Land Rover's ad agency, Rainey Kelly, should help its cause.

An Ikea result is imminent. Pitches took place at the beginning of this week and are expected to conclude by Friday or the beginning of next week.