Pitch update

Britannia is looking for a direct agency and is engaging no fewer than nine shops in conversations about the account.

At least one of them is wondering if the £1 million spend actually warrants such a wide-ranging hullabaloo.

Royal Mail is said to have issued an electronic tender for its business earlier this week. Reports suggest that potential agencies are having difficulties opening the document. It doesn't bode well for their digital credentials.

Agencies tell Campaign that there is a Greek food company looking to promote its pastries in the UK. The company is aiming high and has targeted Britain's finest shops. However, most seem unable to take the pitch request seriously, laughing down the phone at Campaign at the mere mention of it.

The final pitches for Royal Caribbean Cruises are scheduled for 30 November. Staff from Saatchi & Saatchi, DraftFCB and JWT are reportedly heading down to Boots to stock up on sun cream as the presentations are taking place in Miami.

LG Electronics trundles along. Don't hold your breath; it's down to Bartle Bogle Hegarty and DDB, and both agencies are on tenterhooks.

Now, if there's nothing in your pitch calendar at the moment, you might want to give Haystack a ring. It's handling the hunt for BMI Healthcare's next agency. Failing that, try the Observatory. It has an ad brief from Land Securities. OK, it's low on glamour, but the spend is being touted as £3 million.