Pitch update

InBev's pitch for Stella continues apace, with Mother and Lowe London going head-to-head. TBWA Berlin was involved at the start of the process, but has since been eliminated.

Remember that vodka brand being touted about by creativebrief? It's Russian Standard Vodka (obviously). Three undisclosed agencies have been invited to pitch and, judging by the rubbish they aired over here last year, a decision can't come soon enough.

Halifax is in research. Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, DDB and Fallon's work is behind one-way glass. A decision is due in a fortnight's time.

Rolls-Royce is shaving down its longlist. London agencies that failed to make the cut may feel miffed, particularly when it emerged one criterion they were judged on was "proximity to Chichester".

Meanwhile, media agencies pitching for the global Renault-Nissan business may feel under the cosh. Each agency has been given no less than eight briefs to crack and half-a-day to present them. It's hard to know who to feel more sorry for, those delivering the presentation or the poor sods who have to sit through it all.