Pitch update

Innocent, the ethical drinks company that has a pitch record on a par with Wembley Stadium, seems serious about appointing an ad agency this time around. It has shortlisted Fallon, WCRS and VCCP to contest the business in a process overseen by Agency Insight.

Despite the Army saying that there might not be a result on its recruitment pitch until 2011, it has already begun its pitch process by setting up an open day for interested parties. So, more than 200 agencies will be travelling to Alexander Barracks in Pirbright, Surrey to be briefed on the business.

Young's has kicked off its search for an agency in earnest, and is stumping a few interested parties with one of the questions on its request for information. The fish brand, which is using the AAR to handle the pitch, is asking (following Campaign's revelation that it was to hold a pitch): "What was your reaction when you read that Young's was looking for an advertising agency?" A tricky one for some, and a question that presumably is attempting to sort the genuinely interested from the desperate.

There have been complaints lately from agencies stuck on big media pitches about the process taking a lot longer than in the good old days before all this recessionary gloom. So, spare a thought for those competing for the French government-owned energy provider EDF. Agencies are being forced to fill out a pre-RFI document before anything can even get off the ground. There's no red tape quite like French red tape, it would seem.

In direct marketing, agencies that have spent the past few weeks wondering whatever happened to the Post Office review may finally be getting some answers. It's thought that a longlist has now been drawn up, and that agencies will be notified of whether they've made it to the next stage or not on Friday (29 May).