Plant-based meat brand launches helpline for struggling vegans

Comedians will be answering the calls for help.

This: ads will be placed near fast-food outlets
This: ads will be placed near fast-food outlets

Plant-based meat brand This has launched a helpline offering support to aspiring vegans during Veganuary.

Veganuary is an annual challenge to go vegan run by an organisation of the same name.

Up-and-coming comedians will be answering calls from 10am to 10pm throughout January and providing meat-based jokes to help callers get through any difficulties they may be having due to temporarily halting their meat consumption. 

The service is being advertised on telephone boxes outside fast-food outlets with locations including Upper Street in Islington, Liverpool Street and Old Street. The campaign, created by Hell Yeah!, will also utilise an advertising van.

The activity will extend across paid social with ads aimed to catch people who are thinking of breaking Veganuary.

George Nixon, creative at Hell Yeah!, said: "Veganuary has become so popular in recent years, it is difficult for brands to say something that cuts through the traffic.

"This year is no different, with every food company and their dog trying to get in on the trend - we had a challenge on our hands to stand out from the tofu-plugging-crowd of seitan-mongers."

Nixon said the team chose to focus on the "challenge" of Veganuary, aiming to offer something to participants that "actually helps people at the moment they are most tempted" to give up. 

"We wanted to show that temptation is okay, and prove that This is a brand that actually wants to help their customers and give them a fun experience - rather than just go on about how (insanely) realistic their products are," he added.