Playlists for isolation from the industry's music pros

Sound designers and music producers compiled playlists of their favourite tracks to soothe and inspire during the coronavirus crisis.

Playlists for isolation from the industry's music pros

Anthony Moore, founding partner and creative director, Factory

As is my downfall whenever I get asked to do music stuff like this, I go totally overboard and create a whole playlist. Keep safe everyone. 

George Castle, sound designer, Grand Central Recording Studios

If ever there was a time for music, it is now. 

As sound designers, we create an emotional response through music for our clients on a daily basis. We’ve selected a special playlist to keep everyone calm and uplifted in these testing times.

Most of the tracks are focused on the lo-fi house sound. The driving beats of house music gives you the pulse to get up and move, while the lo-fi sound makes you feel relaxed and sink into the music at the same time. A lot of this music is repetitive, which allows you to get lost in the tracks and almost represents the fact that we have to keep moving, regardless of the circumstances. 

There is a mix of happier uplifting sounds, such as Peggy Gou's Starry Night, which always makes me feel great when I listen to it, and more emotionally moving songs like Lapalux’s Without You, which has a reflective quality to it. Sometimes sadder-sounding tracks can actually make us feel better in testing times. Immunity is so perfectly named, as it almost forces you to take a deep breath.

Ben Sumner, founder and managing director, Feel For Music

1 Calibre – Planet Hearth 

Calibre’s music for me is a must; he brings a humanity to electronic music like no other. This is the title track from his latest album – beautiful and soothing.

2 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds

For me, one of the greatest feel-good songs of all time. Reggae is for the heart and soul, and everything about this track literally says everything is going to be alright. 

3 A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

A personal favourite, this has been one of my go-to chilling out songs since it came out in the early 1990s. 

4 José González – Crosses

Taken from one of our highlight projects of recent years, the video game Life is Strange, this track has a lovely sentiment and gentle human feel. 

5 Anderson Paak – Celebrate

I could happily pick any number of Paak tunes, but this one stands out from one of my favourite albums of recent times. Anderson Paak is just pure good vibes.

Jonathan Watts, head of production, Adelphoi Music 

I thought this would be welcome to people as they begin to work from home and may need some relaxing background music. This collection of music to relax the mind spans ambient, jazz, classical and chill-out beats.


The first track Theme I – Kuiper Belt Remix is a track that Siren produced for Rhys Chapman's 2016 short film Wonderkid, which was later remixed for a special single release. We really love the chilled-out synth tones that Brain Rays used on this theme. 

The Bedouine track is a really nice soothing track from her 2019 album, which is written around the pleasure of staying in and spending time with those you love indoors – and while not specifically about being in lockdown, it's pretty apt. 

Finally, The Five Stairsteps classic O-o-h Child is an optimistic and positive outlook on the brighter days we're all waiting for after the chaos has passed.