PlayStation unveils Tennis Pro virals by TBWA\London

LONDON - TBWA\London has created a viral campaign for PlayStation2's 'Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2' game, showing how players of the game can take tennis too seriously.

The series of three ads feature an ostensibly friendly mixed-doubles game between two young middle-class couples on a sunny afternoon.

In "racquet", the game turns nasty when the losing pair throw a racquet over the net at their opposition; "headbutt" sees the man on the losing team walk over to his celebrating opponent and, instead of congratulating him by shaking hands, he headbutts him and a fight ensues. The final execution, "balls", sees one of the male players tied to a chair while balls are fired at his body from a machine.

The endline on all of the ads is "Remember, it always starts off friendly", followed by the PlayStation2 "fun anyone" logo.

The ads, which broke on June 25, were written by Roderick Fenske, art directed by Michael Barker and were directed by the pair. Fenske was hired by TBWA to partner Barker last month. He joined from St Luke's, where he was a creative director.

PlayStation introduced the "fun anyone" strapline last July in an attempt to broaden the appeal of the brand. This light-hearted tone replaced the dark, edgier creative of previous campaigns that had used the strapline "The Third Place".

These ads, created by the TBWA chairman and creative director Trevor Beattie and directed by David Lynch, had run since the launch of the PlayStation2 console.

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