P.M. toothpaste launches on satellite

Arm & Hammer, the toothpaste and baking soda manufacturer, is

turning to TV to steal a march on rivals by staking its claim to offer

night time protection for teeth.

The US consumer products company is putting pounds 1.2 million behind

the launch of a new product, called P.M., which it claims will lead it

into a new and untapped sector.

The advertising, which breaks on satellite channels on Monday, is the

work of Scholz & Friends, which took on the Arm & Hammer account when it

acquired CKMP in August last year.

P.M. is designed to reduce the build-up of sticky plaque and bad breath

bacteria at night.

Written and art directed by John Kennedy and Steve Spence, the agency's

creative directors, the 30-second spot takes a humorous look at a date

going horribly wrong.

A couple are in a restaurant when the woman asks if her companion would

like to stay at her place and asks "Do you have any, er ...?

"Protection? Yes I do," the man replies, reaching into his pocket to

produce not the expected items but a tube of P.M. As he launches into a

sales pitch, his mortified date disappears.

Arm & Hammer, best known for its "Wow" TV and print advertising, is

distributed in the UK by Food Brokers. Media buying for the campaign is

through John Ayling & Associates.

Sara Sorby, the agency's account director on the business, said: "Arm &

Hammer has always had a distinctive edge to its advertising in the UK

and this film is no exception. There is a good sell of brand benefits

but in a light-hearted and memorable way."