Pocket Cannes: Introduction

Since its inception in 1954, the Cannes festival has been held up as many things.

The worst invention of modern advertising; a fantastic annual celebration of the best commercial communications money can buy; a chance to stay on top of trends from all over the globe. Halfway through one of the toughest years in recent memory and entries are down 20 per cent, parties have been cancelled, delegate numbers reduced.

But still, it seems, some people can't get enough of Cannes. So here's Campaign's mini, austerity-driven, taste of the festival. You can read Pocket Cannes cover-to-cover if you wish, or dip in and out of the map (on page 18) and the A-Z of terms. It's a portable, reusable, cheap and efficient device of learning about the festival if you're not there. And pretty damn useful if you are. Welcome to Pocket Cannes 2009.