Podcast: What is the ‘Snapchat’ generation and how can adland protect younger workers during Covid?

Snapchat, MGOMD and Lucky Generals discuss the long-term effects and digital issues surrounding younger workers during the global pandemic

Podcast: What is the ‘Snapchat’ generation and how can adland protect younger workers during Covid?

In this special edition of Campaign’s podcast, Snapchat’s regional general manager, Ed Couchman, MGOMD CEO Natalie Bell and Lucky Generals’ co-founder, Helen Calcraft, share their views about how brands and agencies plan to accommodate the needs of the younger workforce during Covid-19.

Plus, they discussed what challenges younger people faced during 2020 and how they’ve kept their enthusiasm for consumption and community. certainty around office and social practices, these key figures in tech and media reveal their professional and personal views of what they believe will happen in the future for the younger generation.

Snapchat’s first global B2B campaign, “Meet the Snapchat Generation” showcased how its users’ behaviours and values are changing the world, and the 249 million people who communicate using Snapchat are in the vanguard. Users are seen as “the most informed, tolerant, active and diverse in history”, according to Snapchat, and share the characteristics of “taking social responsibility, building community, celebrating individuality, nurturing friendships and communicating in new ways”. And during the pandemic, it’s been even more critical for users to hold onto this identity.

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This special episode is hosted by Campaign's media and tech editor Omar Oakes and produced by ReThink Audio and Rebecca Grisedale-Sherry.

Warning: some of the topics discussed are of a sensitive nature and listener discretion is advised.

Running order:
3:01 How has young people’s time on Snapchat and online changed since the start of the pandemic?

8:02 Gen-Z: what we should know about them and the challenges they’ve faced in 2020?

16:05 Forms of engagement for younger workers at home

19:24 Changes in approach to bringing new talent

26:50 The misconceptions brand marketers have about young consumers

30:40 The likelihood of using more influencer marketing in campaigns

38:15 Trends that accelerated due to the pandemic but will have a lasting impact