Poignant branded film for Fox's 'Shots Fired' reveal the often-overlooked lives of police officers

Prince EA calls on changing the police motto from "Protect and Serve" to "Protect, Serve and Care."

Fox partnered with spoken word artist and social influencer Prince EA to create a film for "Shots Fired," the network’s new 10-epsiode drama that debuts Wednesday. Like the TV show, the short film that lives on social media explains the emotional relationship between communities of color and the police. In the 4:18 film, spoken word artist and social influencer Prince EA takes on the voices of police officers who reveal their passion to protect as well as citizens who say why they are frightened of them. Produced by social content studio Shareability, the film offers a plea to look beyond skin color. "Beneath the blue uniform, under the black or white skin, gray suit or multicolored tattoos, we are clearly human," raps Prince EA.