A view from Be On

Police Academy's sound effects star Michael Winslow takes on the Volkswagen Golf R

Social video expert Be On reviews the latest viral by Volkswagen.

While it's an interesting idea, VW is targeting a niche audience rather than going for mass appeal. 7/10

In Volkswagen’s latest campaign,  Michael Winslow, aka the  'Man of 10,000 Sound Effects', who made his name in the Police Academy series, takes on the sound of the all-new Volkswagen Golf R.

The video starts with what looks like a driver getting ready for a race, but then takes a humorous turn as the individual sits down on a chair, in front of a laptop. Winslow then lifts his helmet and simulates the sound of a car racing, through the power of his voice. The noise is uncanny and very realistic.

The video is part of a wider campaign entitled 'Unleash Your Rrrr', which invites the public to record their best impression of driving sounds. The best efforts may be included by VW in a new video for the Golf R. Created by ad agency, Deutsch Los Angeles, it is a simple, but interesting idea that taps into the desire of high-octane driving.

At the time of writing though, the video had a humble 71,762 views and 400 likes on YouTube. Although it is an interesting idea, arguably the ad is targeting a niche audience at the expense of going for mass appeal.

While it's by no means the most groundbreaking video by VW, it is an amusing and fun idea for a car campaign.