Police need to develop national brand

LONDON - A report has recommended that the police adopt a national brand and develop professional marketing programmes, as part of a strategy to overhaul the role of police in the UK.

The Open All Hours study by the Home Office claims that the different police liveries used across the country are not well-recognised, and a nationwide logo, such as the old blue lamp, should be adopted.

The report recommends that the police introduce PR staff to liaise with the media and promote stories and publicity messages as part of an effort to create a more visible police force, which the study says is needed.

The Open All Hours study reveals that although crime rates have fallen, public fear of crime is up.

Any such moves are unlikely to attract the intense debate and hostility surrounding the rebranding of the Royal Ulster Constabulary as the Police Service of Northern Ireland, in an attempt to end its association with its mainly Protestant past.

The report was released as the government published its white paper, Policing a New Century, which outlines plans to improve policing standards and increase the number of police.

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