Polish public service ad imagines disabled firefighting crew

A group of disabled firefighters attempt to tackle a blaze with slapstick results in a distinctive public service ad from Poland.

The film is called "I’m not asking to be a firefighter" and was created by Walk Digital for Integration, a Polish non-profit organisation, in order to promote its website, which connects employers with disabled job seekers.

The humorous film shows a group of disabled people, including paraplegics and the blind, racing to put out a fire, but when they reach the blaze their physical limitations cause them to wreak havoc.

The purpose of the spot becomes clear at the end of the spot when one firefighter takes off his helmet and says: "I’m not asking to be a firefighter…I’m a designer".

The others follow suit before pointing out to employers that people like them are looking for work and can be found on Integration’s website.

The ad was created by Aleksander Frydrych and Magda ‘Bronka’ Braniewska, and directed by Maciej Kowalczuk through Lucky Luciano Pictures.

The film was uploaded to YouTube in March with no media budget. The ad has amassed around 200,000 views and has been covered in Polish news websites and TV programmes. According to Frydrych, the campaign has even prompted on-air admissions from Poland's vice minister of health and social care of the scale of the problem facing disabled job seekers.

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