Polycell gets cheeky in crack-filler campaign

Polycell is launching its Quick Drying Polyfilla Spray with an online spot by 18 Feet & Rising, which features a bottom.

Polycell tasked 18 Feet & Rising to create a campaign to promote its new Quick Drying Polyfilla Spray. The agency is believed to have picked up the account late last year from Glue Isobar.

The result is a 30-second ad depicting a father and son doing some DIY at home. At first it just appears as though the father’s bum crack is showing, but it is then revealed that the father is nothing more than a walking, talking bottom.

The campaign launches online next week, though it is understood that the brand is considering a TV launch later in the year. The spot was created by Stephen de Wolf, Alex Delaney and Oli O'Neill, and directed by Simon Willows through Blink.

Samantha Balloch, the senior brand manager at Polycell, said: "Many consumers perceive the job of preparing surfaces prior to decorating as a chore.

"With this campaign we want to demonstrate how easy it is to fill cracks around the home, whilst bringing some humour and fun into this generally quite functional arena by using a topic that almost every person can relate to."