'Pop music reminds you of the best things in life'

Campaign sits down with Twitter's EMEA VP Bruce Daisley to find out why the platform makes him laugh every day, how brands should talk to music fans and how he stumbled upon Kanye West...

Music is one of the most vibrant communities on Twitter. Music lovers use the platform to stay connected to all things music. This community discovers and discusses new music using #NewMusicFriday, keep up with their favourite artists and explore their own identity and, for some, it as a starting point to connect with other people working in the industry. 

Daisley is part of this community – as a passionate fan and follower of pop music. Why does he like it so much? Because it makes him feel good: "It’s so easy to find ourselves listening to podcasts and the news and the world seems depressing and anxiety filled. I find the more I listen to pop music the more optimistic and cheerful I feel. Pop music is an opportunity to be reminded of the best things in life."

He loves that he can find out what’s happening in the pop industry first on Twitter: "Often the people involved in making those decisions and shaping that new world often talk to each other openly and in public on the platform."

"One of the really interesting things about music and pop music, in particular, right now is it’s in a state of change. The way things are released, the single release before albums come out is changing before our eyes."

He believes there’s big opportunity for marketers to connect with Twitter’s vibrant music community but warns them against trying to be "too cool" if they want to make an impact with this crowd. 

Watch the full video for Bruce’s thoughts on the music community and hear tips on who is good to follow.