Porter tune to relate substance over style in new MG Rover ad

MG Rover is borrowing some of Cole Porter's cynical lyrics about wealth in new advertising for its 75 model, targeting drivers who value substance over style.

The song Who Wants to be a Millionaire? provides the soundtrack for the 30- and 40-second spots through M&C Saatchi, which sustain the positioning of the car as a surprisingly inexpensive luxury.

The 75 was launched in the summer of 1999 and signalled the start of an effort to revive the Rover brand at a time when its fortunes were at their lowest ebb.

The company's UK market share had hit an all-time low of 3 per cent and the 75, backed by a £400 million investment to compete directly with the Jaguar S-Type, was seen as the first of a new generation of vehicles aimed at redefining the Rover brand. The new ad, which breaks nationally on 3 June, features a Rover 75 gliding past images of excessive wealth.

The lyric's reference to "flashy flunkeys is illustrated by a fur-coated woman laden with upmarket shopping bags gesticulating wildly to a pot-bellied cigar-smoking man on a yacht.

The films, written by Jerry Gallagher and art directed by Clive Yates, were directed by Rob Sanders through HLA. Media buying is being handled by Zenith.