Posh and Becks bare all for Armani once again

LONDON - David and Victoria Beckham have stripped down to their briefs for yet another print campaign for the high-end fashion designer Armani.

Posh & Becks...Armani ads
Posh & Becks...Armani ads

The pair are due to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary this weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a fashion shoot?

In one of the shots, Becks looks distinctly uncomfortable lying atop a pile of woven rope, while his missus appears to be beyond bored, staring out into space with one hand splayed on her husband's chest for support.

In the other shot (below), footballer David hangs on to an iron rail, while Victoria poses with a angular ponytail.

The couple posed for the designer in January in another raunchy underwear campaign for Armani.

David Beckham with wife Victoria Beckham