How posh are you?

LONDON - A UK ad industry that's both colourblind and classless remains a quixotic notion that defies every well-meaning attempt to make real.

Posh...are you?
Posh...are you?

For all the IPA's efforts to better balance adland's racial mix, well over 90 per cent of agency staff are white, a statistic that's remained virtually unchanged for as long as anybody can remember.

And for all the rhetoric about the business looking beyond Oxbridge or the academic powerhouses of Bristol and Durham and making its recruitment message as attractive to a bright kid in an inner-London comprehensive as one in a public school, it's mostly the white, upper middle class twenty-somethings who scramble for the 500 or so jobs up for grabs each year.

So where did some of the leading lights in the ad industry go to school and university? See the table below to find out who is posh and who's a prole...