Postar figures spark ruckus

The outdoor industry's move towards "inclusivity" is under threat following a dispute over the validity of its first transport audience figures.

Postar, the industry's audience measurement body, was to include trackside and Tube sites as part of a move towards representing all outdoor sites.

The information was to be verified and published by Postar at the end of 2004.

However, the first figures to come through from Maiden and Viacom Outdoor are still being analysed and it is rumoured that the IPA is not willing to validate them. The IPA is analysing the data with Postar to make sure that it is as robust as that for roadside sites. Only then can it be used as a trading currency.

An outdoor specialist said a row was brewing between roadside and transport media owners, causing more delays.

The inclusion of trackside and Tube sites are the first stage of a process that Postar hopes will see buses, taxis, and retail and leisure posters measured by the end of 2005.

- Comment, p48.