Pot Noodle unveils Posh range in new advertising by HHCL

Pot Noodle is going upmarket with the launch of Posh Noodle, a premium-positioned product set to launch nationally with a £3 million TV and poster campaign through HHCL Red Cell.

Breaking on 14 April, the campaign introduces the new range, which will be targeted at slightly older Pot Noodle consumers. It will be positioned as an authentic and sophisticated Thai-flavoured product that is ludicrously unaffordable, despite only being a few pence more than the normal range.

The 40-second TV spot, "happy birthday" features the Reilly family in their poverty-wracked home. The father hands Joey his 21st birthday present, a Posh Noodle.

Joey thinks the luxurious snack is too expensive but, at his father's insistence, eats the snack as his family looks on. The ad ends by showing the full range and a voiceover announcing: "It's not for the likes of you."

Hilary Strong, Posh Noodle's brand manager, said: "Like all Pot Noodle ads, Posh Noodle is poking fun at itself in this scenario, and I'm confident it will generate a lot of interest in this product."

The campaign was written by Jonathan Burley, art directed by Ian Williamson, and directed by dom&nic through Outsider. Media planning and buying was through Initiative Media.