Power 100 2016: Paul Trueman, MasterCard

Paul Trueman


Senior vice-president, product advancement, enterprise risk and security

Having led the launch of MasterCard’s "Priceless London" marketing programme in 2011, Trueman has since changed gears, with a focus on cyber security and fraud. From biometrics to selfie pay or advanced artificial intelligence technology, to ensure a card is not declined presents new challenges for marketers. Trueman has been busy taking the complex world of security and making it simpler and more compelling for marketers and their customers. "The noise around cyber threats and breaches will only get louder and leadership is needed to maintain the trust of consumers. How we give people access to our personal data is changing and individuals need to take control of their money and identity," Trueman says. He adds that MasterCard is "using our capability and the power of our global network to enable all forms of digital payments", but allied to that is the industry challenge to ensure that all devices are "secure payment devices".

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