Power 100 2020: Kemi Anthony

This year's top marketers.

Power 100 2020: Kemi Anthony

Marketing communications manager, Ikea

Ikea was riding high after the success of its grime-filled Christmas ad in 2019. Then, “the pandemic really pulled the rug from under us”, Anthony says. However, the retailer was wise to the fact that “going dark is probably the worst thing we could have done”, and it launched a campaign in the autumn highlighting its products that aid a good night’s sleep.

The global crisis also brought fresh urgency to important issues. In Ikea’s case, Anthony says sustainability will become more of a focus, with “lots of great initiatives in the pipeline, all designed to help as many people as possible live more sustainably without feeling like they must forgo the things they enjoy”.

After the tumultuous events of 2020, Anthony believes “there is a growing cultural need for people – and brands – to stand up and speak out”. She adds:  “We’re intent on exploring how our brand platform ‘The wonderful everyday’ can trigger more meaningful conversations in culture that also encourage people to think differently.”