Power 50 in Data: New order

The risers, fallers and new entries in this year's Power 50 have made a great impact in the DM industry and beyond, inspiring those around them through personal achievement.

1. Duncan Painter (10)

Vice-president corporate development, Experian Group

Duncan Painter is clearly a man who likes to work. He could well have cashed in his chips when Experian's February 2006 purchase of ClarityBlue, of which he was chief executive and a shareholder, made him a multi-millionaire.

Over the past year, Painter has emerged as a major force at Experian, which has reshaped itself since its demerger from GUS last October and the departure of international managing director David Coupe in March. Some have even whispered the phrase "reverse takeover" as Painter has risen through Experian's ranks.

He was the chief architect of the major restructure of Experian's core consumer database businesses to form Experian Integrated Marketing in April, overseeing the merger of the company's prospect targeting, bureau and online cleaning operations with ClarityBlue. He has also led major client wins, including the brief to build the Labour Party database, and a £21m renewal of the firm's contract with BSkyB.

In his new role as a global vice-president, he has been charged with the task of rolling out the integrated marketing model internationally.

Painter has provided a vision for the consumer database side of the business, expanding its remit beyond that of data supplier. It now aims to become a strategic partner that offers clients, he says, "data and technology firepower and heavyweight consulting" as part of a "new breed of intelligence-led marketing".

2. Rosemary Smith (13)

Chair, Direct Marketing Association/managing director, RSA Direct/director, Opt-4

Rosemary Smith took the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) chair this year at a pivotal time for the organisation and its industry, with environmental concerns, and consumer annoyance and permission issues topping the agenda.

The consensus in the industry is that Smith is up to the task, with one insider calling her "intelligent, respected and regal", and another adding: "She knows everybody who's anybody. She has a broad understanding of the issues and the personalities that affect them."

Smith is working with the industry to boost its green credentials - starting with getting the big mailers to improve their targeting and ensure their data is clean. She notes that consumer annoyance and engagement are part of the same equation, and has taken a hard stance on compliance with industry guidelines and regulations. Indeed, as director of agency Opt-4, Smith has long been an advocate for permission marketing.

"I'm preaching what I believe in terms of recognising what the consumer wants and marketers being transparent about what they intend to do with their data," she says.

3. Jeremy Whitaker (37)

Chief executive, DLG

No one could accuse Jeremy Whitaker of resting on his laurels since taking the helm at DLG in 2004. Starting with a £25m management buyout last April, the past year has scarcely seen the lifestyle data owner out of the press.

In October, it acquired rival Wegener DM, and then restructured before selling Results Europe, which it acquired as part of the deal, to Marketing Databasics. The past few months have seen DLG move into mobile data with the launch of DLG Mobile, and acquire interactive data firm 43. And Whitaker has publicly stated an interest in buying Acxiom's UK data business following news of its pending private-equity buyout.

Judges describe his actions as "audacious" and say Whitaker is definitely "one to watch" if the past year is anything to go by. Colleagues attest to his approachability, describing him as a man who "leads from the front but always mucks in".

4. Richard Thomas (2)

Information commissioner, Information Commissioner's Office

Richard Thomas made headway this year in his quest to secure stronger enforcement powers for the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

"He is still frustrated by his lack of power," says Rosemary Smith, chair of the DMA, but adds he is "very canny" in finding ways to crack down on violators of the Data Protection Act. She notes a recent example where Thomas forwarded a complaint against a building society to the Financial Services Authority, which has greater fining powers than the ICO.

In January, the Department for Constitutional Affairs announced that the Government intended to bring in custodial sentences for the illegal buying or selling of personal information - just months after Thomas called for such penalties.

In July, the ICO annual report showed that the data watchdog had prosecuted 16 individuals and organisations, and successfully handled 23,000 data-protection enquiries in the previous year.

5. Clive Humby/Edwina Dunn (7)

Chairman/chief executive, dunnhumby

Husband-and-wife team Clive Humby and Edwina Dunn have clocked up the frequent flier points this year, establishing a Dublin office and launching dunnhumby France through a joint venture with grocery retailer Groupe Casino. And last month, the firm opened its second US office in Atlanta.

There has been action on the home front, too. Last October, dunnhumby won a deal with Tesco to oversee all of the supermarket's in-store advertising, including TV and radio. JCDecaux had handled the in-store TV contract since 2004.

Dunnhumby has also had a good year financially, announcing a 55 per cent increase in pre-tax profits from £8.4m in 2005 to £13m in 2006. The firm employs more than 550 staff internationally, with clients spanning five countries, and was included recently in The Sunday Times' "100 Best Companies to Work For" list.

6. Caroline Worboys (19)

Chief executive, Broadsystem

Caroline Worboys' position is a reflection not just of her longevity (she has been steering Broadsystem for over five years) and the fact she has survived with News International as both a client and shareholder of her firm - but also of the way in which she has transformed the agency's data offering.

In the past year, the company's data management capability has moved to another level. Working with IBM, Broadsystem now has the technology to process massive quantities of data quickly and accurately. The investment is certainly a feather in Worboys' cap.

Other achievements include: an exclusive partnership with software developer SmartFOCUS; the launch of a professional services department; the development of mobile services; and the expansion of Broadsystem's subscription management offering. Clients include the Government, BP, Vodafone and Procter & Gamble, with 90 per cent of revenue coming from contracted client activity - an impressive statistic, for which Worboys can take much of the credit.

7. Danny Russell NEW

Marketing strategy director, BSkyB

A new entry to the Power 50, Danny Russell has had a busy year at BSkyB as the company launched its combined television, landline phone and broadband offering at the same time as it has battled Virgin Media and faced competition from BT Vision.

Russell is responsible for data, and believes it is key to beating the competition. He says: "Convergence means products are becoming more and more similar, so there is less and less difference in who has what data. Therefore strategy is more important."

He has relished the opportunity to sell to customers in a new way by talking about the combined package via the See Speak Surf campaign. Using Experian's prospect database, Russell has approached consumers who could receive Sky broadband at its fastest rate, and plans are in place to target landline consumers.

A new product offering for Christmas means Russell definitely has his hands full.

8. Lionel Thain/Martin Kiersnowski (12)

Chief executive/chief operating officer, Interactive Prospect Targeting

Lionel Thain has never been one to follow in the footsteps of others. Described by his peers as a "fiery ideas man always prepared to take a risk", he is a pioneer in the online data market - and Martin Kiersnowski has been with him all the way.

Under Thain and Kiersnowski's leadership, Interactive Prospect Targeting has been through a raft of launches and acquisitions. A big move for IPT last May was the acquisition of French email firm Directinet and the subsequent creation of IPT France. Last month, IPT strengthened its foothold in the French online marketing sector with the purchase of email-broadcasting firm NP6.

Last year also saw the launch of house-price-comparison site MyPropertySpy and email campaign analysis tool eProfiled. Financially, things are also looking good, with turnover up by 77 per cent and pre-tax profits up by 82 per cent.

9. Mark Roy (17)

Chief executive, The REaD Group

Mark Roy has risen up the Power 50 ranks this year largely for his work in pushing the suppression discussion with (now) Foreign Secretary David Miliband - Roy is a regular adviser to the All-Parliamentary Group on Security, Integrity and Accuracy of Public Data.

According to one industry source, Roy is a larger-than-life character, whose government contacts make him extremely influential.

The REaD Group has also been busy on the product side, following last year's launch of Itsmypost.com - which allows consumers to communicate their mailing preferences with brands directly - and Suppression Online, a service aimed at SMEs. The National Suppression File, which The REaD Group has managed for six years, has relaunched as Xpression.

On top of his work with the Government, Roy is a member of the DMA's Data Council, and chairman of its Best Practice Committee.

10. Chris Savage NEW

Managing director, Experian Data Integrity and Digital Services

As the man leading Experian's charge in the digital sector, Chris Savage has stepped boldly into the spotlight. He was the UK spokesman for the company on its unexpected acquisition of internet marketing intelligence firm Hitwise, and is a key player as the data giant works to build a strong digital product offering.

Since joining Experian in 1985, Savage has quietly built a stellar reputation. As UK managing director for Experian Marketing Services before the restructure of the company's consumer divisions earlier this year, he played a major role in the purchase and integration of payment-validation software firm Eiger Systems.

As well as having responsibility for Experian's digital data arm and email deployment unit CheetahMail, Savage is in charge of its address management and payment processing businesses.

11. John Dobson (14)

Managing director, Eurodirect

In an unsteady climate, Eurodirect announced record year-end results for 2006 with pre-tax profits up by 14 per cent, prompting Power 50 judge Scott Logie to note of the data firm: "Not a huge company, not a huge budget, but they punch above their weight."

Under the watchful eye of John Dobson, Eurodirect has launched a number of online products in the past 12 months, including management system Prospects, and Cameo with Attitude, a market research and data selector panel that enables users to test their campaigns among 20,000 consumers.

The company also released a Cameo segmentation tool for the Polish and Italian markets. The product now covers more than 30 countries.

12. Dave Allen NEW

European organisation leader, Acxiom

Dave Allen has not had the smoothest ride since taking the helm at Acxiom Europe in April 2006 - and it doesn't promise to get any easier, with one of the investors poised to take over the firm being openly critical of its European operations.

Allen's reorganisation of the data company's European operation has led to the departure of two of its main players during the past 12 months - UK data group leader Dawn Orr and European services group leader Jon Cano-Lopez.

The repositioning of the company's European business included the introduction of units aimed at specific sectors, such as financial services and utilities. It was also meant to boost the company's digital offering.

But Allen has much left to prove and appears likely to face further turmoil, with Acxiom's pending sale to two US private equity companies leading some industry insiders to question the future of its European operations.

13. Paul Winters (21)

Managing director, CACI Marketing Solutions Division

CACI's purchase of customer management specialist Sophron Partners last year, led by Winters, was a significant step for the firm, which has traditionally offered data analysis services - "a clever move", according to judge Zina Manda.

CACI has also been busy on the product front, developing the consumer segmentation tool HealthACORN with TNS. It also joined forces with UKChanges to launch DataACE, an online data cleaning service and, in March, launched RSVP.

Winters sits on the DMA's Data Council, where he is also a member of the Best Practice working party, which is currently reviewing its guidelines.

14. Iain Lovatt (48)

Chair, IDM Data Council/joint managing director, Blue Sheep

In his roles at the Institute of Direct Marketing Data Council and business information specialist Blue Sheep, Iain Lovatt plays a central role in the UK's data industry. He is described as a "very big personality" and is "incredibly energetic". "He's still got a sense of fun about what he's doing," notes one industry observer.

Last year, Blue Sheep introduced an opted-in file of 500,000 SME email addresses and launched the five million-strong UK Key Business Decision Makers File, while sales grew 20 per cent over 2005.

Lovatt has been busy in his role at the IDM, helping identify training needs and design courses, and in January was elected to the main DMA board.

15. Tony Coad (15)

Business development director, PDV

"Inspirational, driven and a real motivator" is how colleagues describe Tony Coad. Well known for both his work at CCB and for his pioneering data work at the Telegraph Group, he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the IDM last year for his services to the industry.

The past year saw CCB move further into the real-time data arena, with the restructuring of the firm to include two new companies to meet the demand for real-time data. CCB fastMAP focused on real-time research, while NDL realtime concentrated on real-time sales leads. In June, CCB sold sales lead generator NDL realtime to permission-based marketing firm PDV for an undisclosed sum, with Coad and managing director Bill Burey joining PDV as business development directors.

16. Derek Holder NEW

Founder and managing director, Institute of Direct Marketing

A new entrant to the Power 50, the judges agreed Derek Holder deserved his place for his role in educating young people about the job opportunities available in data and direct marketing, and in training those in the industry to do their jobs better. He is one of the most influential and respected figures in the industry, flying the flag for best practice and education in direct marketing.

Under his active leadership, the IDM runs a well-attended calendar of events and a comprehensive training programme, which on the data side covers everything from data protection and data quality, to analysis and strategy. This year the IDM launched what it claims is the first qualification for integrated marketing communications.

17. Michael Toothill (18)

Head of data management, Cancer Research UK

Michael Toothill is "the man in the charity sector", according to judge Scott Logie, who reckons Cancer Research UK dwarfs every other charity in terms of income and contribution.

A vocal data advocate, Toothill is aiming to raise the profile of data within the organisation. Last year, the charity cleaned five million supporter records, generating £300,000 of additional income, as well as savings of £100,000 through not mailing goneaways and deceased records. Toothill is also a regular writer in the marketing press.

In February, the charity launched its new vision: "Together we will beat cancer" through a huge integrated campaign, sending out a mailpack to almost 18 million people.

18. Ian Robinson (24)

Director of insight@tmw, Tullo Marshall Warren

Winning the Sainsbury's account at the end of 2006 topped off another successful year for insight@tmw, the data team at Tullo Marshall Warren. Ian Robinson played a key role in bringing home the account, which is now a major piece of business for both insight@tmw and the main agency. Among his other achievements were innovative segmentation projects with LloydsTSB and British Airways.

Robinson joined TMW 10 years ago, charged with developing a strategic proposition around data - a gamble that has more than paid off.

19. Charles Ping (3)

Head of CRM, Guardian News & Media

Charles Ping has dropped down the table, having handed over the chairmanship of the Direct Marketing Association to Rosemary Smith, but continues to wield real influence in the industry.

Ping still commits time to the DMA, and is a member of the executive committee. He is involved in the regulatory side of the industry, particularly as the DMA's appointed representative to the Advertising Standards Board of Finance.

At Guardian News & Media, Ping is championing web analytics and the use of behavioural data to understand what people do, rather than what they claim to do. The company's digital activity is on the rise, with an increase in the number of data analysts and email specialists in the past year.

Recognised as a brilliant team player, Ping remains the quintessential nice man of the industry.

20. Peter Thompson (11)

Director of research service operations, Experian Data Integrity and Digital Services

It has been quite a year for Experian and indeed for Peter Thompson, previously commercial director of Prospect Targeting and now saddled with the unwieldy job title of director of research service operations at Experian's new data integrity and digital services division.

When Experian restructured in March this year, separating its consumer marketing services into two main divisions, Thompson took on a new role within the newly created structure.

He is responsible for two key Experian products in the burgeoning digital space - Digital Canvasse (a permission-based email and lead-generation service) and Canvasse Opinion (an online market research arm driven by the website just-rewards.co.uk).

21. Chris Combemale (41)

Chief operating officer, Emailvision/Chair, DMA Email Marketing Council

As chair of the DMA Email Marketing Council and COO of Emailvision, Chris Combemale is one of the UK's leading forces in email marketing.

A dual French and US citizen, Combemale has 20 years' direct marketing experience in Europe, the US and Asia/Pacific, including 12 years with Young & Rubicam.

After a successful IPO in February 2006, Emailvision bought Barnes & Richardson in Belgium, and has since delivered significant revenue growth. For the first quarter of 2007, it reported a 78 per cent year-on-year rise in revenue, including the acquisition, to EUR3.3m.

22. Martin Boddy NEW

Managing partner and founder, Jaywing

A Bubbling Under entrant to the Power 50 last year, Martin Boddy rises to a position halfway up the ranks in 2007, due in part to Jaywing becoming part of the Digital Marketing Group earlier this year, along with media planning and buying agency Cheeze.

The past year has been a busy one, with Jaywing focusing on helping its clients move from traditional push marketing to pull marketing. During 2006, it launched Signals, a service that focuses solely on delivering life event-based data to marketers, all driven by customer activity such as moving house or having kids. This year will see further launches under the Signals banner, extending the range of event data available in the market.

23. David Perkins NEW

Group chief executive, Marketing Databasics and Indicia UK

David Perkins is a new entrant to this year's Power 50 and is certainly proving quite a force in the data industry.

Since leaving his post as chief executive of Wegener DM in 2005, Perkins headed straight to the City and secured funding for his database and analytics group Indicia. Last year was a busy one for Perkins, with the acquisition by Indicia of data analytics firm Marketing Databasics in October, and then of Results Europe in December.

Perkins is still on the acquisition trail but is focusing on pulling the two businesses together (Results Europe has rebranded as Marketing Databasics), with a focus on data consultancy and analytics. This, he believes, is where the future of the industry lies. Many would agree.

24. Cono Ariti NEW

Vice-president and head of statistics, Capital One

Only nine months into top data job at Capital One, Cono Ariti will find that eyes from around the industry are on him as the credit card giant shifts to a more targeted mailing strategy and expands its online activity.

As the UK's number-two mailer (according to Marketing Direct's Top 100 Direct Mail Spenders), Capital One is a major data user and a bellwether for the financial services sector.

Prior to coming to Capital One, Ariti spent six years at MasterCard as global solutions leader for analytics, overseeing data sourcing and analysis projects.

25. Mark Patron (44 in 2005)

Chief executive, RedEye

Absent from the Power 50 last year due to his status as a judge, this year's panellists felt Mark Patron deserved re-entry.

Last November, Patron sold his recruitment site DMjobs.co.uk, which he launched early in 2006, and took up the reins of RedEye, where he had previously been non-executive director.

Patron has his finger in a number of other pies, including holding company Twenty, whose flotation on the AIM he oversaw last year.

26. Chris Morris (28)

Managing director, Transactis

Described by industry insiders as "very sharp", Chris Morris has won admiration for building his business, Transactis, in a competitive market.

In the past year, Transactis has launched a Christmas Spenders segmentation of more than three million people. The firm has also teamed up with financial services forum Tank to launch the industry's first "national data quality best-practice programme".

27. Oliver White (49)/Shaun Pitman NEW

Head of data management, Centrica/head of data, British Gas Business

A tough market saw British Gas lose one million customer accounts last year although profits rose. 2006 also saw the implementation of a number of key data-driven projects under Oliver White, the residential data chief, and Shaun Pitman, head of data on the business side, as the company has plotted a rebound. These included developing a single customer view, behavioural analysis to drive business decisioning, reviewing and revamping customer data management, and automating data-performance reports.

28. Barry Leeson-Earle (29)

Data director, Tri-Direct

Described by those in the industry as a "strong personality" and a "bit of a bon viveur", Barry Leeson-Earle also attracts admiration for his achievements in the data world.

Founding Tri-Direct in 1984, Leeson-Earle is now responsible for data and direct mail, and contributed to an eight per cent rise in income from data over the past six months.

Last year, Tri-Direct traded 138 million names, and data provision is on target to contribute 30 per cent of the company's annual turnover.

29. Andrew Mann (30)

Clubcard marketing director, Tesco

Since joining Tesco as the director of Clubcard, Andrew Mann has worked hard to expand and extend the programme.

He has collaborated with dunnhumby to create a single database of the Clubcard membership, with more than two billion records. Meanwhile, the introduction of Smart Vouchers last year replaced paper vouchers with secure electronic versions, allowing consumers to trade in points in-store or online.

Mann has also introduced a scheme that allows Clubcard members to earn points for not using plastic shopping bags.

30. Simon James (34)

Planning director, WWAV Rapp Collins

Thirty-year-old Simon James has already packed more into his career than most do in a lifetime. Last year, his role at WWAV expanded to include enhancement of the data offering throughout the entire Rapp Collins Europe network, and he became a group board member.

In 2006, James also led the winning global analytics pitch for Exxon Mobile in the US, helped WWAV Media grab Somerfield's above-the-line work, and was instrumental in improving the effectiveness of bookmaker Ladbrokes' cross-selling by 300 per cent.

31. Koos Berkhout (32)

Client insights director, Loyalty Management Group

Koos Berkhout's position in this year's Power 50 reflects how LMG has managed to weather recent market storms. Earlier this year, Sainsbury's announced it was renewing its contract with the loyalty scheme following some speculation it would fail to do so. The company is also putting a greater emphasis on insight and communications - creating a new business unit - to provide a similar proposition to that of dunnhumby.

32. Julie Screech (39)

Data and analytics director, Proximity London

Julie Screech is responsible for the restructuring of Proximity London's data department to concentrate on analytics and insight. As a board director, she is in charge of defining the role of data and analytics within the firm's strategy.

Recently, Screech was involved in creating the data strategy for Procter & Gamble's Europe-wide direct marketing programme. She also gives up at least four weeks a year to work for Central and South American non-profit organisations.

33. Michelle Henderson NEW

Direct marketing director, The Carphone Warehouse

One industry insider describes Michelle Henderson as "fiercely efficient and tireless", and her cutting-edge use of digital print technology has impressed her peers. Standout successes include the "Fashion Picker" mailer launched last September, which initially generated a 233 per cent sales increase and is now being rolled out quarterly - an enviable achievement in such a competitive market.

She joined The Carphone Warehouse in 2001 after working with Cable & Wireless and BUPA.

34. Dougy Watt NEW

Head of retail analysis, Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Dougy Watt has pushed the boundaries of data analysis for financial institutions, employing complex techniques to develop the bank's customer contacts strategy. He has been head of retail analysis at Royal Bank of Scotland Group for six years, with responsibility for internal customer analysis for the retail business. His previous roles include head of statistical analysis at Bank of Scotland and a lecturer at the University of Glasgow.

35. Martin Squires NEW

Head of customer intelligence and analytics unit, Marks & Spencer Money

Hailed by judges as a "massive data advocate", Martin Squires was responsible for developing the M&S Money intelligence and analytics team, which replaced the previous bureau provider. His main focus is the delivery of customer profiling and segmentation, statistical modelling and data mining, campaign targeting and evaluation.

Squires is a regular speaker at conferences and events, including those of the IDM.

36. Stephen Boyle (36)

Head of marketing services, Reader's Digest

With Reader's Digest more than doubling its UK direct mail spend in 2006 to £6.4m, Stephen Boyle's presence in the Power 50 is more than justified. The majority of the firm's 10.7 million mailings went to prospects rather than existing customers, making data key for the brand, and the panel's judges praised Boyle as "very diligent and aware of responsibilities".

37. Huw Davis (9)

Managing director, The Huw Davis Partnership

It has been all change this year for Huw Davis. The industry veteran stepped down as global director for data and discovery at Euro RSCG 4D in March and launched The Huw Davis Partnership, a data and analytical consultancy backed by Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw.

Despite his change in direction, for many Davis remains "synonymous with data analysis", and is a welcome personality in the field.

38. Tony Lamb (37 in 2005)

Chairman, DMA Data Council/Managing director, Lamb Direct Consulting

Previously technical development director at Wegener DM, Lamb left the firm last year when it was purchased by DLG to reform Lamb Direct Consulting, which he set up in 2001.

A member of the selection panel for last year's Power 50, Lamb is "not afraid to ruffle a few feathers", according to ex-Wegener colleague Caroline Kimber, who adds that he is "driven and determined" in his work and his activity at the DMA. Over the past year, as chair of the Data Council, Lamb has been instrumental in driving environmental initiatives and raising the profile of best practice in data-led direct marketing.

39. John Wallinger (38)

Data planning director, Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel

It may have been a case of business as usual, but a steady if not explosive 12 months sees John Wallinger maintain a respectable position in our chart, having worked on aggressive new-business programmes for Craik Jones clients Knorr and Colman's. Wallinger is also involved in the integration of the agency's data and digital activities to help clients map out their customers' online and offline behaviour.

40. Mike Trevett NEW

Senior marketing manager, data, LV=

LV= is one of the UK's largest direct mailers, spending £13.7m in 2006 and sending more than half its mailings to prospects.

Mike Trevett, who handles data functions, recently oversaw its sign-up to Experian's online database and campaign management service, Fusion. He also sits on the Direct Marketing Association's Future-proofing Working Party.

41. Nick Martin NEW

Managing director, Mardev

Nick Martin has been behind the launch of a number of exciting services at Mardev in the past 12 months. These include the enrichment of the firm's main B2B database, DecisionMaker, the launch of a B2B online database, customersearch.net, as well as data product Hospitality+.

A regular magazine columnist and commentator, Martin has contributed to the industry by raising the alarm on the problems and issues facing UK business as a result of the Corporate Telephone Preference Service.

42. David Eldridge (47)

Chief executive, Alterian

David Eldridge remains a powerful force in the database-marketing software world.

He launched his first company at the age of 14 after winning the BBC National Schools Software Competition. Now 38 and chief executive of an international firm that went public on the stock exchange in 2000, Eldridge is one of the UK's most influential data specialists.

In the past year, the firm has bought two marketing software providers, Nvigorate and Dynamics Direct.

43. Simon Williamson NEW

Managing director, Bounty

Bounty has had a busy year, with sponsorship deals and the relaunch of its website in May. Simon Williamson has spearheaded the firm's expansion, including the launch of a sampling campaign for pre-school children as part of a DM project with the Early Learning Centre.

Bounty also made its Mum-to-Be and Baby's Progress packs available through supermarkets, with a million packs distributed at Asda.

44. Alan Timothy (46)

Chief executive and chief scientist, Rocket Science

It has been a vintage year for Alan Timothy and his company Rocket Science. The data specialist, which has increased turnover to £2.5m, also won three Direct Response Intelligence Awards.

The 20-year industry veteran also runs data-driven business i-snapshot, and mentors the next generation of data experts as a guest university lecturer and PhD assessor.

45. Suzanne Lewis NEW

Director of list broking, HLB

Suzanne Lewis is a key player in the list side of the data industry and a member of the DMA Data Council.

Lewis has played an active role within the DMA over the past eight years, sitting on the Governance Committee and the International Working Party as well as the Data Council.

She joined HLB, part of WWAV Rapp Collins, in 1989 as a junior list broker and rose through the ranks to become director of list broking in 1996.

46. Alastair Tempest NEW

Director general, Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing

Alastair Tempest appears for the first time in the Power 50 in acknowledgment of the efforts FEDMA is making to give direct marketing a respected status across Europe.

The former ITV advertising executive educates Brussels bureaucrats on DM and teaches European governments and companies how to catch and prosecute spammers.

47. Christian Taylor NEW

Marketing director, Equifax

Christian Taylor was involved in the partnership with Transactis to launch Equifax ConnectSelect, a prospect marketing database covering some 40 million individuals. This year saw Equifax focus on life-stage data with Equifax LifeSite. Taylor's previous companies include Vodafone.

48. Chris Underhill NEW

Chief executive, smartFocus

Breaking into the top 50 from last year's Bubbling Under section, Underhill has had an eventful year. Last November, smartFocus forged a deal with Broadsystem to offer UK clients integrated multi-channel marketing services.

The firms announced recently that they would work with News International on a multi-channel marketing brief, and last month smartFocus was appointed by Loyalty Management Netherlands to enhance its customer communications.

49. Nick Frazer NEW

Head of B2B marketing, Experian

Since joining Experian last year, Nick Frazer has overseen the launch of a website to promote Prospect Locator. He has worked with CheetahMail, Experian's e-marketing company, on an email marketing service, and in July the regular industry speaker was closely involved with the acquisition of analytics company pH.

50. Mark Bates NEW

Managing director, LBM

Mark Bates, LBM's former chief operating officer, moved to the forefront following Ben Dixon's decision to step down as chief executive after nine years, during which time he oversaw substantial growth. The management shake-up in June saw Bates promoted after joining the company as chief financial officer two years ago.

Bates has overseen an investment drive to improve the quality of LBM's data products, with the aim of rolling out more online offerings. 


- Annette Holmes

Managing director, Prospect Swetenhams

Annette Holmes was brought in last year to replace Hugh Bessant. She oversaw the subsequent company restructure, and is one to watch.

- Auke van den Hout

Leader of information products Europe, Acxiom

Auke van den Hout was appointed to his new position in April and is working on making Acxiom's data a multi-channel offering for European clients.

- Emma Reid

Founder, Stop Dead Consortium

Emma Reid is founder of the consortium, which offers the non-profit bereavement suppression database OBiT. It now handles around 2.6 million names.

- Ian Hitt

Managing director, Abacus

Ian Hitt joined Abacus from Identex earlier this year after the exit of managing director Andy McDermott and marketing director Roger Williams.

- Francis Wallinger

Managing director, Alchemetrics

Founder and chairman Francis Wallinger got back in the saddle and took over as MD in November when Chris Duncan stepped down to launch Infoloop.

- Ian Johnstone

Managing director, Qbase

Ian Johnstone has signed up 80 per cent of the database management bureau's customers to take part in its returned mail recycling programme.