Prest bristles with rage

It was amusing to see The Sunday Times Style Magazine jumping on our random "beards in advertising" bandwagon with a feature called "How to get a head in advertising".

Not everybody was smiling, though. Grumpy George Prest, the executive creative director of R/GA and number five in our "Top 10 Beards" of 2011, is so embarrassed by his inane quote in the article that he has taken to disowning it on Twitter. For those who missed the piece, Prest said: "Snogging a man with a beard can be a novelty for a woman." Or did he? Pouting Prest responded to Twitter noise about the piece with: "It's awful. They misquoted me." He also Tweeted: "Those fuckers took my comment totally out of context. The wife is not well chuffed." Calm down, dear, and reach for the razor.