PRIVATE VIEW: Bruce Crouch, the creative director at Soul

I've always thought the way creative work is judged is unfair. It assumes everyone works with the same set of circumstances. As we know, there are lots of different barriers to good work getting through and I believe that now more than ever tenacity is as important as talent.

Unfortunately, I have been given a very "unlucky bag" to review this week so, if I'm critical and you have extenuating circumstances (and we know what they are), I apologise.

Unfortunately, with the Tropicana print I have to blame the creatives.

Haven't they seen the Diet Coke can on a lemon squeezer? Now, I'm sure this isn't plagiarism but it must be not knowing what's out there and that's as bad. To be fair, the rest of the ads are well put together and the strategy's simple.

Staying with press, there's ING Direct. The best I can say about this is they are eff-Ing direct.

Right, let's get the worst of the TV over. What do you say about Nescafe?

Legions of people must have been involved - qual researchers, quant researchers, planners, account men, clients, creatives, producers, a director. And they come up with this.

A grey person underwater for no apparent reason drinks Nescafe, we turn the colour button up and say: "It takes full flavour to function." It really is time the client woke up and smelled their own product.

Weetabix is quite nice. Withabix it isn't. "We supply the energy, what do you do with it is up to you," has possibilities. The only danger with irony, as in this bell-ringer execution, is that people take you at face value.

Loot, please be good. I love the posters. They're well branded, relevant and make me laugh on the Tube platform. The TV? Well, it's just trying too hard. The Welsh voiceover and the "bargainest goldmine ever" line detracts from the nail-on-the-head attitude of the posters.

The creative people on BA have no such problems. I like campaigns like this that are rooted in simple, small human observations. How many times have I dangled from the loft while looking for the holiday suitcase? I've also put my foot through the bedroom ceiling and dropped the case on my wife below. Some nice humorous direction, a great music track (Indian drums and jazz guitar - inspired) and you've got a good campaign. One that's relevant to me as, after this Private View, £89 to Madrid looks a good bet.


Project: Tropicana brand campaign

Client: Michael Aidan, European marketing director

Brief: Show that Tropicana Pure Premium is the most pure orange juice

you can buy

Agency: BMP DDB

Writer: Dylan Harrison

Art director: Feargal Ballance

Typographer: Pete Mould

Photographer: Giblin & James

Exposure: National press


Project: Loot

Client: Stephen Miron, managing director

Brief: Communicate that Loot is the only place to go for bargains

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Writer: Ben Waller

Art director: Matt Gooden

Director: Simon Cracknell

Production company: Stark Films

Exposure: Regional TV


Project: Nescafe Original

Client: Ros Horne, marketing manager

Brief: Reinforce how Nescafe Original gets you started when you can't


Agency: McCann-Erickson

Writer: Luke White

Art directors: Luke White, Mark Bennett

Director: Paul Street

Production company: Streetlight Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: World Offers

Client: Jayne O'Brien, head of marketing, UK and Ireland

Brief: Stimulate the holiday travel market post war in Iraq with low

fares across the world

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Writers: Mike Oughton, Cameron Short

Art directors: Mike Oughton, Cameron Short

Director: Kevin Thomas

Production company: Thomas Thomas

Exposure: National TV


Project: ING Direct savings account

Client: Gina Fusco, marketing director

Brief: Develop an integrated launch campaign for ING Direct in the UK

Agency: Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest

Writers: Paul Murphy, Paul Kemp

Art director: Peter Murphy

Typographer: Mike Heath

Photographer: Ashton Keiditsch

Exposure: National press and outdoor


Project: Weetabix

Client: Tony Corp, marketing controller

Brief: Provide a human context for the energy Weetabix generates

Agency: Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB

Writer: Bryn Attewell

Art director: Mark Robinson

Director: Mark Mylod

Production company: Tomboy Films

Exposure: National TV