PRIVATE VIEW: David Droga, the executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi

I have literally just spent the past ten hours judging the Campaign Poster Awards. So a few more on top of the 1,000 or so from today shouldn't be too brutal. Although with this batch, I haven't the luxury of hiding behind a score sheet. So let's start somewhere familiar.

I saw these ads many times today, in a myriad of categories. The Road Safety poster campaign. As a certified video game addict, I have to admit that I was momentarily fooled. Each poster is designed to resemble a blood-and-guts-type action game. Only when you read on do you discover it is actually promoting pedestrian safety. Car Fighter 2, Dead Skater 3 and International Truck Wrestling. I think kids will definitely notice them.

However, I'm pretty sure they'll be disappointed they don't really exist.

The thing about the new Honda campaign is that I like its intentions more than I like the actual ads. You have to give them credit for avoiding the traditional car advertising zone. Exotic locations and adrenaline junkies. They show the CR-V set in a jungle made of sign-posts, traffic cones and traffic light trees. The headlines aren't bad either. But for some reason they still don't really do much for me. Perhaps because they just make the car look cheap.

I like the new Sprite television campaign. I don't know why. It's pretty stupid really. But then why be logical about a soft drink? A guy orders a sandwich and a Sprite from room service and ends up with a small goblin instead. A guy eating a kebab orders a Sprite and winds up with a small goblin. Apparently a sprite is also a small goblin. I look forward to the new Toilet Duck campaign.

Birds Eye Fish Fingers. There must be a global template for advertising to children. Open on kids enjoying (insert product here) with a (hero/ guardian/mascot). Enter the (bad guy/monster/alien/robot) who tries to steal it away from them. Surprise surprise, the kids (scare/outwit/evade) the (bad guy/monster/alien/robot). Cut to the happy kids cheering and enjoying (insert product here) again.

We open on the famous Japanese football player Hide Nakata. Between shots of him running on his way to score, he talks to camera: "My name is Hide Nakata. Football is my passion. To win in sports takes determination and desire. If you take drugs you lose your chance to be the best. Don't play with drugs. Play sport and achieve your dreams." Cut to UN anti-drug logo.

The best part of this campaign is that I watched it straight after the last ad, which allows me to finish on a more positive note.

Three new films for the fruit drink J2O. As there is nothing funny about sober people, we see the aftermath of people who opted for nasty alcohol.

One guy wakes up in a bed in a high-street shop window. Only to discover he has had his way with a mannequin. Another wakes up next to a very unattractive person and can't escape. And finally, a couple are caught on the office CCTV getting familiar on the boardroom table at the office party. Rather obvious stuff, but it still made me smile.

Project: Reposition the Honda CR-V
Client: Chris Brown, customer communications manager
Brief: Position the Honda CR-V as the perfect car for the urban
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Writers: Simon MacTaggart and Nick Darken
Art directors: Simon MacTaggart and Nick Darken
Typographer: Nick Darken
Photographer: Nadav Kander
Exposure: Lifestyle press and colour supplements

Project: The right Sprite campaign
Clients: Charlotte Oades, marketing director; David Tucker, marketing
Brief: Raise awareness of Sprite's thirst-quenching attributes
Agency: Lowe
Writer: Sam Heath
Art director: Frank Ginger
Directors: Tom Kuntz and Mike Maguire
Production company: Independent
Exposure: National TV

Project: UN anti-drug campaign
Client: Tim Carlsgaard, public relations officer
Brief: Promote the UNDCP's anti-drug use campaign
Agency: In-house
Writers: Tim Carlsgaard and Maurizio Morana
Art directors: Tim Carlsgaard and Maurizio Morana
Director: Jake Knight
Production company: Manifesto
Exposure: International TV

Project: Britvic J20
Client: Adrian Troy, brands controller
Brief: Position and launch J20
Agency: Barrett Cernis
Writers: Jonathan Eley and Tim Clark
Art directors: Ray Barrett and Tamsin Abecasis
Director: Luke Forsythe
Production company: Great Guns
Exposure: National TV

Project: Think road safety in London
Client: Trevor Cheeseman, marketing communications assistant manager
Brief: Develop the campaign idea to raise awareness of road safety
issue among 11- to 14-year-olds in London
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Writer: Duncan Timms
Art director: Will Bates
Typographer: Justin Shill
Illustrator: Plum Digital
Exposure: School posters and postcards

Project: Fish finger pincher
Client: Chris Pomfret, marketing director
Brief: Relaunch Captain Birds Eye as a brand for healthy, happy
Agency: HHCL & Partners
Writer: Suzy Warren
Art director: Georg Thesmann
Director: Steve Barron
Production company: Spectre
Exposure: European TV

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