Private View: James Lowther, the chairman at M&C Saatchi

Here's something to appeal to ad folk everywhere. Two for the price of one. Two Private Views for the price of one. Not from two people (I'm not sharing my Campaign Champagne with anybody). But from those two voices within me and everyone else in the business that are so often bickering with each other. The cool, logical voice of the left brain. And the creative, emotional and, occasionally, downright contrary right brain. Some ads speak to one side and some to the other. The very best speak to both.

Let us eavesdrop.

BT. Right brain: "Dave is a rabbit ... Morag is a GTi convertible ... wild headlines, man ... especially because Morag is a cow. It's crazee but I lurve it ... not quite sure what it is ... there's something about BT at the bottom. Help me out here, lefty." Left brain: "Er ... right ... well, Dave is a rabbit because he's dreaming about being a rabbit because he's so relaxed because BT communications are helping make his business successful and profitable. Morag is a GTi because ... well, I haven't quite finished that one ... can I call you back?"

Go Ahead. Left brain: "It's called Go Ahead, because it's a snack that's healthy, so you can eat it any time without feeling guilty ... and that's what the pictures show. Very clear and sensible ... it'll probably sell like hot cakes (healthy ones, natch). What do you think, right brain? Right brain? Wake up, you lazy sod."

COI Electoral Commission. Left brain: "Nice thinking here. A typical non-voter, who 'doesn't do politics', finds he can't talk about anything, even the closing time of the pub, because everything is actually about politics. Good insight. Neat endline. 'If you don't do politics, there's not much you do do. It gets my vote.'" Right brain: "Could the animated characters be a bit more ... you know ..."

Baileys. Right brain: "Now this is more my style ... great globs of Baileys, floating around in a weightless bar, with guys and gals gobbing for it ... wild ... well shot, good track ... I miss the sexy campaign but this makes me want to drink the stuff ... and believe me, that takes something." Left brain: "What's the connection with the 'Infectious' endline?" Right brain: "Wake up and smell the coffee liqueur, lefty."

118 118. Right brain: "It's wacky. It's wonderful. And it's definitely not Dave Bedford (according to my friend Perry Mason). Now it's Starsky & Hutch meets Jason King meets some weirdos in plastic boiler suits. Love it to death. And lefty, I do remember the number, OK?" Left brain: "It took a while for me to get the point that you can get more than one number at a time, but once I did ... God, I feel free ... I want to run naked through the long steppe grass ... I must tell my therapist ... hang on, I've forgotten his number."

Volkswagen Golf. Left brain: "The VW Golf is 30 years old, so we take a 30-year time trip through the evolution of the car and the hairlines, hemlines and waistlines of the people involved in its creation. Faultless logic. Makes one think the car is improved by its provenance. But not hidebound by it." Right brain: "Beautifully shot. Great pace. Great soundtrack. Great editing. Love it to death. And wasn't that Dave Bedford in one of the shots ( 'No' - Perry Mason)?"

So there we have it - the left brain's up for the Electoral Commission. The right brain's gobbing over Baileys. But they both agree VW and 118 118 are the winners.

That result is a two-brainer.

THE NUMBER 118 118

Project: Second call

Client: Alex Lewis, marketing director

Brief: Communicate the service benefits of 118 118, such as unlimited

numbers, nearest category search and cinema listings

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Dan Fisher

Art director: Mark Nicolson

Director: Jim Hosking

Production company: Partizan

Exposure: National TV


Project: BT global services

Client: Danny Garrey, director of marketing

Brief: Get BT recognised as a major international player in the ICT


Agency: Fallon

Writer: Mike Sutherland

Art director: Antony Nelson

Typographer: James Townsend

Photographers: Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton

Exposure: National posters and print


Project: Golf - a day in the life

Client: Catherine Woolfe, communications manager, small cars

Brief: Communicate that the new VW Golf has arrived and is a result of

30 years of development and evolution

Agency: DDB London

Writer: Patrick McClelland

Art director: Grant Parker

Director: Chris Palmer

Production company: Gorgeous

Exposure: National and satellite TV and cinema


Project: Elections 10 June 2004

Client: Becky Lloyd, campaigns manager

Brief: Re-engage people in politics by showing its relevance to their


Agency: St Luke's

Writer: Alistair Campbell

Art director: Suzanne Hails

Director: Suzanne Deakin

Production company: Slinky

Exposure: National TV


Project: Float

Client: Anita Robinson, global communications director

Brief: Show that as well as being an intimate, private drink, Baileys is

popular enough to drink in more social, public moments

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writer: Jason Bolton

Art director: Per Kvalaag

Director: Bruno Aveillan

Production company: Quad

Exposure: International TV


Project: Go Ahead

Client: George Wheen, marketing general manager

Brief: Relaunch the brand as the everyday healthier choice of snacks in

the "better for you" market

Agency: Publicis

Writer: Paul Campion

Art director: Tony Smith

Typographer: Paul Beer

Photographer: Nick Meek

Exposure: Women's magazines and weekend supplements

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