PRIVATE VIEW: Jaspar Shelbourne

Here's my opportunity to, at best, become the subject of an all

staff e-mail, possibly including unflattering references to my arse and,

at worst, an invitation to fight a creative team in a car park somewhere

in Soho. Lovely.

To open we have Wrigley's Orbit. As far as I can tell, Wrigley has

always taken a 'we know best' approach to its advertising. Wrigley's

brands have been in and out of some really good agencies, all of whom

have pushed it along a tiny little bit. Its current agency seems to have

gone a bit further. We're now up to respectable, not least because

there's the radical inclusion of an 'idea'.

What we've got is a man in a baker's shop ordering a selection of cakes.

The same man then smashes them to pieces with a giant pack of Orbit.

This is because: 'Regular chewing helps knock tooth decay into orbit.'

The reaction of the unsuspecting customers is at the heart of the

humour. It's very Trigger Happy TV but it's also better advertising for

this brand than we've seen in a long time.

Your number one, full of fun Sun has decided to have a chat with our

Trevor about their Trevor. Their Trevor being Trevor Kavanagh, the

political editor of The Sun. The ad is part of the 'we love it'

campaign. The 'page three' execution, which sadly I haven't been sent,

is excellent - perfectly capturing the natural tone of the paper. In

comparison, this one seems unusually straight and slightly poorer for

it. Trevor Kavanagh's mum will find this ad endlessly rewarding. The

rest of us possibly won't.

The Terrence Higgins Trust is an enormously worthwhile organisation that

deals with the highly emotive subject of HIV. Sadly, these ads are just

not worthy of the issue. Why, for example, borrow images from apartheid

or black segregation in America in the 50s and 60s? Black people were

and are struggling with their own equally emotive issues that are

completely separate from this one. The end result is that these ads tell

us that prejudice is a bad thing, not why we need to understand more

about HIV. I just can't help feeling it should have been harder to turn

the page.

Vodafone has got a text messaging service that's aimed at the 'yoof'

market. If you're going to talk in an interesting way to this audience

it probably means excluding relatively old tossers like me, which these

did brilliantly.

Luckily, however, two creatives even older than me wandered in as I was

unpacking the bag from Campaign. They had a serious advantage as


They both have teenage daughters whereas I gave up reading magazines

aimed at teenage girls for Lent. I think these ads are an interesting

lesson in knowing your audience in order to decide how best to talk to


Next we've got a dotcom with a genuinely interesting proposition. If

you've got a question, any question, Ask Jeeves and they'll give you an

answer. It doesn't do the meaning of life or next week's lottery numbers

but it does seem like a good idea. The advertising idea isn't a belter

(I'm afraid we're belter-free this week) but at least it doesn't get in

the way of the interesting bit, which is the offer.

Somewhere there's a Millward Brown researcher excitedly telling the

client about record recall scores in answer to the question: what is

this product made of? There's a reason for this. In this commercial for

Birds Eye we hear the word potato repeated 26 times.

In fact, the right-hand side of this script exclusively contains the

word potato right up until the moment a little girl says Birds Eye which

turns out to be the last word in potato. I'm genuinely not sure what to

make of this. Dinner I suppose.

See you in the car park.


Project: Ask Jeeves

Client: Aylin Savkan, marketing director

Brief: Build awareness of Ask Jeeves

Agency: TBWA/London

Writer: Sam Taylor

Art director: Tony St Ledger

Director: Sam Miller

Production company: Mustard

Exposure: National TV


Project: African HIV stigma campaign

Client: Dominic Edwards, marketing manager

Brief: Challenge prejudice in the African community against Africans

with HIV

Agency: Felton Communications

Writers: Roger Felton and Susanna Clasby

Art director: Roger Felton

Typographer: Roger Felton

Photographer: Magnum

Exposure: African venues and UK press


Project: The Sun

Client: Nick Canning, marketing director

Brief: Reaffirm The Sun's passion for life in Britain

Agency: TBWA/London

Writer: Steve Williams

Art director: Simon Hardy

Director: Lee Donaldson

Production company: The Mob

Exposure: National TV


Project: Wrigley's Orbit

Client: Toby Baker, brand manager

Brief: Bring to life the idea that new Orbit fights plaque acid and

delivers outstanding cavity protection

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Chris Bardsley

Art director: Dave May

Director: Mark Denton

Production company: Blink

Exposure: National TV


Project: Birds Eye Waffle, Alphabites and Fritters

Client: Chris Pomfret, business director for frozen foods marketing

Brief: Relaunch the Birds Eye frozen potato range with a sense of fun

and excitement

Agency: HHCL & Partners

Writer: Stuart Farquhar

Art director: Stuart Farquhar

Director: John Birkin

Production company: Blink

Exposure: National TV


Project: Vodafone Youth

Client: Sarah Silman, senior advertising manager

Brief: Communicate Vodafone's new range of youth services

Agency: BMP DDB

Writers: Dan Hubert, Amber Casey and Jonathan Bowen-Thomas

Art directors: Dan Hubert, Amber Casey and Ewan McMillan

Typographer: Kevin Clarke

Exposure: National magazines

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