PRIVATE VIEW: Kate Stanners, the vice-chairman at St Luke's

Welcome to yoof club. Most of this week's ads are aimed at that tricky customer - "the young person". The hardest job in advertising is to be effortlessly cool. It is all too easy for us lot in agencies to fall into the "disco-dad syndrome when it comes to writing stuff for this lot. Some of these pull it off, some don't.

Diesel does. I like the way the ads tap into the apathy that is so prevalent in teenagers; it is a nice twist on their worthiness as well. My favourite features an "anarchist painting "legalise the four-day week on a wall, while his mate looks around anxiously for "the filth" or, more likely, his mum.

Levi's probably does. Three ads that all show cool-looking models writhing around, with the line "rub yourself". Beautifully shot, nice soundtrack, bit of a tacky line and achingly self-conscious. I don't think they're that great, but then what do I know? I'm some old advertising bird.

Radio 1 might well do. I can't work out if this is the uncoolest cool ad or the coolest uncool ad on air, but with listening figures dropping by 20 per cent, I can't help feeling that you need something a bit more interesting than a bunch of DJs holding a play-off in an old warehouse. Methinks it is trying too hard to be hip.

Domestos doesn't. It gets straight in on the Big Brother bandwagon. In its race to be on air first with Alex Sibley, it forgot to write a script, to get Alex acting lessons or to give the director a budget. Which is all a bit of a shame, because it was a good effort to get a brand such as Domestos to do something young, fun and quick.

Honda does. Maybe not strictly yoof, it manages to take the piss out of "the yoof inside". These are great posters for the Honda Dylan 125. Biker-style graphics that say things such as "Dare to be early".The teenage rebel lives on in all of us.

Finally, Peugeot, which definitely doesn't. But then again, I guess it never intended to. Now I have to be honest here, I managed to play this ad only once before the machine destroyed the tape. As far as I can recall, it features some blokes in an Irish coastal town who turn out to be lifeboatmen. Shot like a Caffrey's ad, the men run in slow motion down to the harbour where, instead of embarking on a rescue, they take delivery of a shipment of new Peugeots. The video machine speaks for both of us.

Project: Dylan 125
Client: Matthew Stone, head of commercial operations, motorcycle
Brief: Position the Dylan as the zippy, alternative way to get around
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Writer: Ben Walker
Art director: Matt Gooden
Typographer: Dingus Hussey
Illustrator: Dingus Hussey
Exposure: Ad rails, cross-tracks and national press

Project: 307 brand campaign
Client: Xavier Peugeot, advertising director
Brief: The family car for parents who aren't just mums and dads
Agency: Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper
Writer: Tim Garth
Art director: Steve Eltringham
Director: Patricia Murphy
Production company: Patricia Murphy Films
Exposure: Satellite and national TV

Project: Rub yourself
Client: n/s
Brief: n/s
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Writers: Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart
Art directors: Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart
Director: Frank Budgen
Production company: Gorgeous Productions
Exposure: National TV

Project: Diesel autumn/winter campaign
Clients: Stefano Caputo, advertising director; Giorgio Presca,
vice-president; Wilbert Das, creative director
Brief: The new Diesel collection came from a theme of rebelliousness and
Agency: KesselsKramer
Writer: Johan Kramer
Art director: Erik Kessels
Typographer: Anthony Burrill
Photographer: Carl de Keyzer
Exposure: International print

Project: Domestos Alex Sibley tactical campaign
Client: Amita Simons, brand activation manager
Brief: Make the most of the genuine link between Domestos and Alex through
their joint concern with hygiene
Agency: Lowe
Writer: James Springall
Art director: Craig Hanratty
Director: Iain MacDonald
Production company: Mendoza
Exposure: National TV

Project: Radio 1
Client: Gail Nuttney, head of youth marketing
Brief: Radio 1 DJs come together around live music
Agency: Fallon London
Writer: Rob Potts
Art director: Andy Jex
Director: Tom Carty
Production company: Gorgeous Productions
Exposure: National TV

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