PRIVATE VIEW: Leon Jaume, the executive creative director at WCRS

If you think the last thing our industry needs is another awards night, you obviously missed this week's Ridiculous Packaging Instructions Awards, dished out by The Word Centre. Many of our top brands were jostling for acclaim on the shortlist. Would Tesco win for its unforgettable label "Do not turn upside down", attached to the bottom of a tiramisu pack? Or would rival Sainsbury's pip it with the ingenious sticker on its salmon loin, "Warning. Contains fish"? Neither could have been confident when they saw the podium-clinching advice on Lexlips Lip Gloss: "For external use on the oral lips only." But on the night the gold was nabbed by this memorable underclaim on a packet of Nytol sleeping aids: "Warning. May cause drowsiness."

By coincidence, and giving me a wafer-thin link, Nytol's sworn enemy Pro Plus is first out of the bag this week. And just as Nytol's claims for its powers are modest, Pro Plus' posters show a remarkable lack of faith in the product's performance. Represented as a klaxon, blaring "Wake up!", Pro Plus is seen to have no effect whatsoever on a slumbering and dribbling couple of over-partied office folk. Perhaps the pack carries an unseen warning: "May cause wakefulness. Unless you're a bit sleepy."

The Rolo campaign is far surer of itself. "Discover the power of the last Rolo," it urges, showing people humiliating their friends and loved ones by getting them to do embarrassing things such as flash their pants.

It's all a bit Jackass-Lite, but done with plenty of charm and skill.

The Posh Noodle ad depicts a family in wretched poverty who've overreached themselves by buying the product for the eldest boy's 21st. It's beautifully cast and executed, making it all the more baffling that they end with the gag where a man, oblivious to the horror of others around him, suddenly realises everyone's looking at him and says: "What?" Er, John Smith's, anyone?

Curry house?

Now, is this a good idea for selling tampons? A young female TV presenter discusses their ease of insertion and removal with her sidekick, a malodorous old coot called Merv who emits "poisonous farts" and says things such as: "Can I have a go?" The press ads and website for Lil-lets have to be seen and read before you'll believe them. And still you won't.

Rustlers are fast-food items you can microwave into some sort of life in 70 seconds. You're probably thinking they're vile, and from the look of this campaign I'd say you were on to something. Not because the ads are bad; they're made with a great deal of love and attention to detail, and nicely parody the world of custom cars by substituting microwaves for motors. The suspicion that the product isn't up to much comes from its virtual non-appearance. In the 50-second ad, it flashes on right at the end for as long as it takes the voiceover to gabble "Nought to tasty in 70 seconds" and that's about your lot.

It is beyond my meagre literary powers to describe the joyous filmic carnage that is the Siemens Xelibri commercial. But, given the unimaginable difficulties of scripting and presenting it, let it stand as an enviable testament to a client's faith in its agency and an agency's faith in itself.

There was no label on the VHS, but had there been one it would have read: "Mother. We can do what we bloody well like."


Project: Xelibri

Client: Chad Ellis, vice-president of marketing

Brief: Launch Xelibri's first fashion phone collection

Agency: Mother

Writer: Mother

Art director: Mother

Director: Traktor

Production company: Partizan

Exposure: TV and cinema in Europe and China


Project: Rolo relaunch

Client: Sam Ellison, marketing manager

Brief: Contemporise the Rolo brand

Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Writer: Huw Rowlands

Art director: Alastair Scully

Director: Cris Mudge

Production company: Mustard

Exposure: National terrestrial and satellite TV


Project: Pro Plus

Client: Richard Hollies, brand leader

Brief: Show that Pro Plus is a brand for people who live life to the


Agency: Bates UK

Writer: Chris Harries

Art director: Ben Stafford

Typographer: Sefton Quest

Photographer: Max Ellis

Exposure: Tube cards


Project: Posh Noodle

Client: Hilary Strong, brand manager

Brief: Launch Posh Noodle as the premium alternative to Pot Noodle

Agency: HHCL/Red Cell

Writer: Jonathan Burley

Art director: Ian Williamson

Directors: dom&nic

Production company: Outsider Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Rustlers

Clients: Mandy Mullins, marketing manager; Carol McHugh, product manager

Brief: Establish Rustlers as a leading chilled microwaveable hot snack

Agency: Chemistry

Writer: Emmet Wright

Art directors: Richard Chaney; Adrian Fitzsimons

Director: Declan Lowney

Production company: Rocket Productions

Exposure: Regional TV, cinema


Project: Lil-lets Solutions

Clients: Tenley Soanes, marketing and communications controller; Rachel

Price, senior brand manager

Brief: Demonstrate the unique benefits of Lil-lets lubricated Extra

Comfort tampons

Agency: Us

Writer: Us

Art director: Us

Design: Harrimansteel

Photographer: Moritz Steiger

Exposure: National and women's press