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The beautiful thing about the English language is that, like the universe, it is forever expanding. Every day new words are added to our lexicon. "Google". "Insania". And now "doggylicious". That's the endline to the new commercial for Bakers Complete dog food. It's a sweet film, kind of like a heist movie for dogs. I particularly like the part where the electronic surveillance system is neutered by one of the protagonists peeing against a security grill. Mind you, there's another new word in the voiceover when we're told that Bakers Complete contains "... meaty chunks and crunchy kibbles". What's a kibble? Anyway, I'm not going to quibble over a kibble. Nice ad. Must have been a bitch to shoot.

Talking of bitches (in an endearing, gangsta-rap, bling-bling sort of way), next up are these new print ads for Levi's Girls - its latest denim collection modelled here by Eve, Patty Anne and the rest of the birds in blue. All the executions are well-shot, competently art directed and wouldn't look out of place in any girly mag. Now, is that a compliment or a criticism? I guess, overall, I just find these ads a little bland and somewhat frigid.

Which, historically, is a word that would have warmed the kibbles of BMW's heart. Nowadays, though, the ice-maiden of car advertising is starting to show her softer side, even adding a touch of humour. In these four commercials, a frog, a mule, a cow and an ostrich each get the opportunity to demonstrate various aspects of BMW's "intelligent thinking". Cleverly written, beautifully directed and quirkily scored.

They also feel like someone actually looked at the time length on the brief and wrote the scripts accordingly. Mind you, I bet they wished they'd come up with the line "BMWs - they're moo-licious!" for the cow version.

This Waitrose commercial is admirably directed too. We're taken to the Windward Islands, which is home to Lincoln Henry and his fellow banana growers, and a sunny paradise where retail ads flourish with style, sophistication and not a starburst in sight. It's lovely, but I wonder if it works.

My favourite Waitrose product is its 70 per cent dark chocolate. It's certainly on a par with Green & Black's, the organic chocolate company that obviously devotes an enormous amount of love, care and attention into making its fine product.

I wish some of that same passion and effort had gone into making these ads. Poor art direction, lazy typography and lines that would have done better to have stayed in bed. Sorry, but I think a brand like this deserves more from its advertising.

Finally, HSBC. As I watched this 90-second epic, I had only one thought in mind: "Don't let me down, please don't let me down!" Then - wouldn't you know it - it let me down. It's an immaculately filmed road-trip, cut to an awesome track, but it seems to exist only to make the point that, in Brazil, the hand gesture for OK is not OK. Somehow, I struggled to see what that had to do with banking. Or is that soooo old-fashioned?

Anyway, have a Happy Easter everybody and go easy on the matzos. You know what they do to you.


Project: Levi's Girls

Client: Sue Chidler, retail marketing director

Brief: Launch the Levi's Girls' square top-block collection for

spring/summer 2004

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writer: Claudia Southgate

Art director: Verity Fenner

Typographer: Stephen Butler

Photographer: Stephen Klein

Exposure: Fashion and lifestyle press


Project: "Okey-doke"

Client: Carlos Alves, group advertising manager

Brief: Build the positioning of HSBC as "the world's local bank" through

local cultural insight

Agency: Lowe

Writer: Vince Squibb

Art director: Vince Squibb

Director: Chris Palmer

Production company: Gorgeous

Exposure: Global TV


Project: "Reasons to buy"

Client: Paul Andrews, marketing communications manager

Brief: Underpin the many BMW product launches in 2004 with a brand

campaign that underlines the uniqueness and appeal of the whole range

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Jude Healy

Art director: Dave Kelly

Director: Malcolm Venville

Production company: Therapy

Exposure: Terrestrial and satellite TV


Project: Waitrose Caribbean bananas

Client: Amanda Bindon, marketing director

Brief: Extend the meaning of "quality" by showing how long-term,

supportive and fair working relationships with small growers have led to

positive conditions for the production of better bananas

Agency: Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB

Writer: Chris O'Shea

Art director: Ken Hoggins

Director: Stuart Douglas

Production company:

Exposure: South, South West and Anglia TV regions


Project: "Food enjoyment. Fame"

Client: Susie O'Rourke, marketing manager

Brief: Give Bakers the fame it deserves as the market leader

Agency: Burkitt DDB

Writer: Phil Webb

Art director: Tony Curran

Director: Mick Rudman

Production company: Park Village

Exposure: National TV and cinema


Project: Green & Black's

Client: Mark Palmer, marketing director

Brief: Refresh the "what chocolate's supposed to taste like" campaign

for Easter

Agency: Fallon

Writer: Ed Edwards

Art director: Dave Masterman

Typographer: James Townsend

Exposure: London Underground Tube cards

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