PRIVATE VIEW: Matt Eastwood, the executive creative director at M&C Saatchi

When I was a child, I always ate my meals starting with my least favourite foods and finished with my favourite.

Don't you hate those ads that finish with "There is a better way to (insert product benefit here)" or "There is a simpler way to (slot in tortured USP here.") I just find the format a bit lazy. All you do is think of a silly/wacky/inane analogy, throw a lot of money at production and finish with ... well, you know how they finish. The new ad for Witch finishes with: "There is a gentler way to refresh your skin."

I really want to like the Remington Bikini Trim and Shape print ad. It's obvious that the creative team has made a real effort on a client that has traditionally produced quite dull advertising. And I know the client is extremely excited by this ad, as she offered to send me my very own Remington Bikini Trim and Shape to help me with my review. Sadly, I don't think this ad will trouble the juries. But, on the upside, I was able to trim my special place into the shape of a lightning bolt.

Some of T-Mobile's "What will you start?" films are better than others.

This one features a man who, while on holiday, picture messages his work colleague a shot of someone throwing a Frisbee on the beach. And, as you can imagine, all hell breaks loose back at the office. Implausible? Maybe.

But at least it's fun to watch.

The previous "Be here" campaign for Penguin was one of my favourite poster campaigns of recent years. Not only were the posters creatively brilliant, the "books can transport you" strategy was spot-on. Unfortunately, the new posters aren't quite the bull's-eye of the previous campaign. "Books can make you smarter/make your life more interesting" is nowhere near as motivating a strategy and almost seems flippant by comparison. And the creative is disappointingly inconsistent. Evolution/devolution is easily the best and probably has the greatest chance of getting in the book. "Is everything in your life nice?" is, well, nice. And "er ...", enough said.

I presume Sony's Cyber-shot campaign is the first work from its new agency.

And, at this point, the change of agency seems to be working. Steve Reeve's visuals do a brilliant job to encourage us to go through life looking for photo opportunities. Although, as with most campaigns, some executions are better than others. "Dogman", "balloon" and "leak" are all nicely observed moments with just the right amount of humour. In my view, "statue" doesn't quite make the grade of the others. But that's OK; you only need three to enter a campaign. Dare I say, there may even be a photo opportunity at one of next year's award ceremonies.

Do you think the folks at Honda were just a little bitter about being sued by the makers of Der Lauf der Dinge when they decided not to let the 118 118 "cog" spoof go to air? Come on guys, is it really going to stop people buying a £16,000 car? The entire 118 118 campaign is brilliant.

From the TV, to the print, to the website (

And this viral film is easily the best execution yet. Isn't it nice when a campaign just works? Very nice indeed.


Project: Launch of Remington Bikini Trim and Shape

Client: Kay Downs, managing director

Brief: Launch the Bikini Trim and Shape as an essential accessory for

the style-conscious woman

Agency: Grey London

Writer: Jimmy Blom

Art director: J Marlow

Typographer: Andy Dymock

Photographer: Alan Clarke

Exposure: Print, postcards and online

118 118


Client: Alex Lewis, brand communications director

Brief: Create a range of viral ads for the relaunch of website

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Anson Harris

Art director: Per Kvalvaag

Director: JJ Keith

Production company: HLA

Exposure: Online


Project: T-Mobile

Client: Tracey Follows, international advertising manager

Brief: n/s

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Writers: Hugh Todd, Sarah Sturgess, Lena Ohlsson

Art directors: Adam Scholes, Sarah Sturgess, Lena Ohlsson

Director: Blue Source

Production company: Blink Productions

Exposure: National TV


Project: Ford

Client: David Fowler, brand director

Brief: Reposition the Witch brand as "skin refreshment", giving it a

broader appeal and moving it away from being just a spot treatment for

oily skin

Agency: Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper

Writer: Phil Forster

Art director: Tim Brookes

Director: Albert Kadagolian

Production company: Joy Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Penguin brand campaign 2003

Client: Joanna Prior, marketing and publicity director

Brief: Launch Penguin as the champion of the written word

Agency: Mustoes

Writer: Jason Fretwell

Art director: Greg Milbourne

Typographer: Unreal

Exposure: 96-, 16- and 12-sheet London and south- east posters and

national press


Project: Cyber-shot digital cameras

Client: Tim Kaner, director of marketing communications, Europe

Brief: Demonstrate how Sony's cameras are even better when combined with

your eye for a photo

Agency: Fallon

Writer: Simon Roseblade

Art director: Glenn Gibbins

Director: Steve Reeves

Production company: Another Film Company

Exposure: Pan-European national and satellite TV