PRIVATE VIEW: Nick Hastings, the executive creative director at Partners BDDH

We all know what's on the BBC because it keeps bloody telling us, but what's up with it? We all pay a licence fee for the privilege of watching ad-free telly, yet Auntie now carries as many commercials as commercial stations. The difference - that it is shoving its own product - doesn't make much difference at all. The campaign for digital radio is not quite as absurd as the recent commercials helpfully informing us that it's now summer, but it's uncomfortably close. We see people saving time during the day, by not cleaning properly, by ignoring everyone at work, etc. - so they can get home and listen to a spot of digital radio sooner. As ideas go, it's not big on credibility; people who rush home to listen to the radio need to re-assess their life in a major way. If the Beeb insists on continuing with its remorseless, and therefore charmless, self-promotion, ideas that contain at least a grain of truth might make it more bearable.

If you want to screw up your relationship, leave a copy of Jaunt magazine lying close to your stained underwear. The current issue features the world's best hotels for affairs, and this is illustrated in the commercial by a series of shots showing many different ceilings. Clearly the illicit sex isn't too adventurous, and neither is the commercial. As a response to a juicy opportunity, it's as predictable as marital sex can become unless you, oh, never mind.

The Woolworths campaign for cheap school clothes is well shot, features some delightful kids and has good music, (Mud, Squeeze and ABC, I think). The shame is that it lacks an idea, even of the £6.99 variety.

The Skoda print campaign has been created with plenty of strategically bright wit, as, of course, has Skoda's positioning. I think fleet managers have probably had enough of big pictures of cars that all look the same, and they'll respond well to being treated like people with brains. Just one gripe - the two ads that call for the most work aren't quite funny enough.

I'm not convinced by the advice in the Bacardi campaign. If you party like you don't need to work, you will lose your job; if you love like you've never been hurt, doesn't that just mean you're not evolving, and if you dance like no-one is watching, well, I suppose that one depends on how you dance. I'm also not sure what Bacardi has to do with any of it. I'm left asking myself whether this campaign is a cleverish way to say the drink gets you hammered, or a clumsy and slightly lazy attempt to associate Bacardi with a Trustafarian lifestyle. I'd plump for the latter. Tip for responsible creative team: write campaigns like you want people to talk about them.

Heinz Salad Cream's idents for Emmerdale are full of sexual tom-foolery and innuendo, neatly summarised by the line: "It's all going on." We see, for example, an alarmingly satisfied looking donkey in a bloke's bed, and a woman apparently giving her man a hand-job. She's not, obviously.

A fresh camera angle reveals that she's just pouring some Salad Cream onto a plate. It's all a bit nudge, nudge, Daily Mail, wink, wink, Carry On, Middle England, but then so is the programme. Basically, because the agency has spotted that we're a nation of repressed juveniles, the idea will function, but I can't help feeling that it could have worked harder with a bit more pushing.


Project: Skoda

Client: Mary Newcombe, head of marketing

Brief: Let fleet buyers know the benefits of running a fleet of Skodas

Agency: Fallon London

Writer: John Cross

Art director: Andy Johns

Typographer: James Townsend

Exposure: Press


Project: Back to school

Client: Mark Trinder, head of brand communications

Brief: Communicate Woolworths' three-for-two promotion on schoolwear

in a fun context

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writers: Nick Kidney and Kevin Stark

Art directors: Nick Kidney and Kevin Stark

Director: Ric Cantor

Production company: Outsider

Exposure: National TV


Project: Heinz Salad Cream

Client: James Watson, marketing manager

Brief: Make people forget about the "salad" in Salad Cream and celebrate

the diversity of individual usage

Agency: Leo Burnett

Writer: Mike McKenna

Art director: Greg Martin

Director: Neil Harris

Production company: Stink

Exposure: National TV


Project: Carta blanca poster campaign

Client: Sophie Lockyer, brand manager

Brief: Show how Bacardi ignites the heat, passion and energy of the

Latin Quarter

Agency: McCann-Erickson

Writer: Itai Atir

Art director: Jens Orillo

Typographer: Gary Todd

Illustrator: Olaf Hajek

Exposure: Six-sheet posters and postcards


Project: Jaunt

Client: John Perry, managing director

Brief: Publicise the launch of a new glossy travel and lifestyle

magazine to the "easyJet-set" audience

Agency: Publicis

Writers: Paul Quarry and Jason Bolton

Art directors: Paul Quarry and Jason Bolton

Director: Richard Simpson

Production company: Simpson Kennet Transparent

Exposure: Living TV


Project: BBC Digital

Client: Andy Duncan, director, BBC marketing and communications

Brief: Create awareness of the BBC's complete portfolio of digital radio


Agency: Fallon London

Writer: Andy McLeod

Art director: Richard Flintham

Director: Jim Jenkins

Production company: BBC Broadcast

Exposure: BBC TV