PRIVATE VIEW: Nick Hastings, the executive creative director at Partners BDDH

Whoever selects Private View has got a cruel streak, because the first entry this week so obviously deserves a pasting. It's for the Hyundai Getz and it asks us to believe that the Getz is some people's favourite place. Why we should believe this is anybody's guess. Surely it can't be the five-year warranty. At one point, we see a dad and his son in their Getz outside a football stadium on match day, cheering a goal they hear on the car radio. It's a desperately sad scene, although I'm not sure pathos is what the agency intended.

At the beginning of the new Travelocity campaign, a secretary opens the bottom drawer of her filing cabinet to discover, as you do, Alan Whicker lying inside it. "Hello," he says, as if the camera were an old friend, and then launches into his sales spiel. It's a genuinely funny moment in a strategically smart and well-written series of commercials - only let down by the less funny ten seconders. Here's to everyone who could have said that a young, fresh company such as Travelocity should at all costs avoid a tired old lag such as Whicker, but didn't.

In one of the new Radio 1 commercials, a listener says: "Sara Cox makes the journey seem faster." Then we see Ms Cox actually driving the listener, very fast, to work. It's a good, well-shot idea, but one I can't be objective about because I thought that we all paid a fucking licence fee so we can watch the BBC with no commercials. The people who created the campaign have done themselves proud, which is more than can be said for the BBC.

This is my interpretation of what happens in the Heinz Weight Watchers campaign: in slow motion, people dive at food being eaten by weight watchers.

"No!" these people scream (meaning, I think: no, person I care for greatly, do not break your diet). The weight watchers pull their food to safety before calmly telling their well-intentioned friends: "It's Weight Watchers from Heinz" (meaning, I think: stop, you fool! There's no need to be anxious about my food).

The endline says: "Don't give up the food you love." If the idea were clearer, it would be a good one.

"It's a great big hug in a mug" is an interesting strategy for Batchelors Cup A Soup, but the agency has only gone and executed it literally. So we see a pair of furry arms sprinting towards a woman as she makes her Batchelors. We think, and hope, that the furry arms will throttle her, but no, instead, they give her a great big hug and she smiles a storyboard smile, while the viewer looks on, past caring.

The BMW X5 ad feels half-hearted and looks dull, but it's still comfortably the best car ad in this week's bunch.


Project: BMW X5

Client: Paul Andrews, brand communications manager

Brief: Launch the new BMW X5 with the proposition "intelligent muscle"

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Simon Aldridge

Art director: Vince Chasteauneuf

Typographer: Doug Foreman

Photographer: Dean Steadman

Exposure: Press and posters


Project: Travelocity relaunch

Client: Charlotte Harper, marketing director

Brief: Capture the spirit of pioneering travel

Agency: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy

Writer: Ben Tollett

Art director: Emer Stamp

Director: Blue Source

Production company: Blink Productions

Exposure: National TV


Project: BBC Radio 1

Client: James Wood, marketing manager

Brief: Announce the change in line-up at Radio 1

Agency: Fallon

Writer: Rob Potts

Art director: Andy Jex

Director: Jose Antonio Prat

Production company: Arden Sutherland-Dodd

Exposure: BBC


Project: "Noooooooo!"

Client: Mark Holdaway, business unit director

Brief: Show that the delicious new range of products from Weight

Watchers from Heinz takes the pain and sacrifice out of dieting

Agency: Leo Burnett

Writers: Nick Pringle and Clark Edwards

Art directors: Nick Pringle and Clark Edwards

Director: Dougal Wilson

Production company: Blink Productions

Exposure: National TV


Project: Cup A Soup "airport"

Client: Annie Neil, category director, snacking

Brief: Remind people that Batchelors' Cup A Soup is warm and comforting

for people on the go

Agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Writer: Jayne Marar

Art director: Remco Graham

Director: Michael Patrick Jann

Production company: Independent Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: "Favourite place"

Client: Jim Campbell, marketing director

Brief: Everyone has a favourite place

Agency: Leagas Delaney

Writer: Matt Moreland

Art director: Chris Clarke

Director: Ivan Bird

Production company: Serious Pictures

Exposure: Satellite and terrestrial TV